Fans of Big Bang Theory already know what “Bazinga!” means, but in case you’ve never seen the show (really, what are you waiting for, a personalized invitation?), it’s Sheldon’s way of implying that he was telling a joke or pulling a prank. Since this is one of my favorite shows, and Sheldon is definitely one of my favorite characters, I absolutely needed the shirt, of course, and Five Finger Tees was kind enough to send me one for review.

My shirt arrived quickly, and I couldn’t wait to try it on. It was a cold day, so I layered it over top a black shirt to ensure that I didn’t freeze any limbs off on my haste to connect with my inner geek.  Since I have yet to master the art of the self-portrait, I had Jacob stand on a chair and take pictures. I don’t think he did too bad for a six-year-old! Pardon my wind-blown hair look! In fact, just focus on the utter awesomeness of my shirt and ignore the rest of me, if you don’t mind. I’m not a big fan of getting my picture taken, which is why you see a lot more of the little man on here!

The shirt fits and feels great. I did try it on without a shirt underneath just to be sure, and it’s made from the softer t-shirt material. I can’t stand scratchy shirts, so that’s definitely a plus. It’s also not too heavy, so I won’t sweat to death in the summer.  I’ll definitely be getting plenty of use out of this shirt!

Five Finger Tees has a really fun selection of other shirts too, and their prices are great. In fact, the Bazinga! shirt is only $9.99 on their site, compared to the  $19.95 and up price tags that I’ve seen elsewhere. If I hadn’t already known exactly what I wanted, I would have had a really hard time picking out just one shirt. Check out a few of my other favorites, all for $9.99:


Another great thing about the site is that all the shirts are available in a variety of different colors. Not a fan of red? Well, the Bazinga! shirt comes in 10 other different colors. You can also choose between men and women’s shirts so you know you’re getting a good fit. Five Finger Tees also offers over two-dozen different hoodies, and ships free on orders over $50. Check them out on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with news and sales.


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