Show off your own free spirit with these awesome summer fashions that tell your unique story!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite summer fashions for free spirits. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I’ve never really followed fashion trends. I have no idea what is “in” or “like, so last year!” I think runway shows are weird (everyone looks like they belong in the Panem Capitol!). My closet is filled with clothes from this year, last year and even last decade. I wear what I want, not what a magazine tells me I should wear.

Free spirits pick clothes that show off their own personality. Whether it’s for comfort, style or both, their closet tells THEIR story. Keeping that in mind, I’ve picked out a few absolutely awesome summer fashion pieces for free spirits that I feel tell a great story. If nothing else, they’ll inspire you to look for more great fashions that show off your own personality!

Summer Fashions for Free Spirits

All of these great pieces can be found at Redbubble, a site that I am completely obsessed with. This post contains affiliate links. Click on the picture or the link beneath them to get a closer look. Many of the items below are available in other products, so if you like the pattern on a skirt but it’s not something you think you’d wear, see if they have it in a tote, cell phone case, etc.


Run Away With Me by Cassia

Summer Field by littleclyde


Lotus Unisex T-Shirt

tryypyzoyd by spires

surfing zebra by lauragraves

i can hoot like an owl by teamkitten

M e r m a i d by lOll3

These are just a few of my favorite free-spirit fashions from the Redbubble artist community. There are like a zillion more to choose from. The point of all this, though, is that YOU have to decide what YOUR unique style is all about. Don’t ever feel like you have to go out and fill your closet with clothes you can’t stand just because they’re considered “in style.” Clothes should be fun and comfortable, represent who we are, not who someone else wants us to be.

On that note, I’m sending you on your way to a group of other fabulous bloggers who tell THEIR own unique style stories through clothes, hair, makeup and more! Have fun!

For more summer style ideas, visit a few of my favorite blogs:

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