The art of letter writing is still alive and well, and these gorgeous stationery sets will get you started!. There is something about cracking open a new set of notecards and a fresh pen. My letters always get a little loopier and my thoughts just unwind on the page. I’ve searched and searched, and here are some of the card sets that I am crushing on right now.

9 Gorgeous Stationery Sets That Will Make You Bring Back the Art of Letter Writing

Tree Of Love Cards

These glossy Tree Of Love card set will work for some many occasions to send a little note full of love, isn’t it pretty? I think my favorite part about this tree is the tiny detailed heart shaped leaves, adorable!

Bright Watercolor Birds Cards

Here is a beautiful card set with birds painted in watercolors that are sure to bring a smile and a ray of sunshine to your favorite person. Can you imagine opening a note with these cheery birds on the front? Beautiful!

Sea Glass Hearts Cards

Oh, aren’t these pretty with the beautiful sea glass?  Check out these gorgeous fine art Sea Glass Heart Cards full of the beautiful work of Donald Verger. The original art was made of sea glass, but these prints are so pretty you may just want to frame these too!

Adorable Note Cards

A good pun is always on my list, and the Adorable Note Cards have a sweet card for every occasion With cards that say things like “Bee Happy,” “Make a wish,” and “You are the cat’s meow” you will have an adorable card for every note!

Beautiful Pink Flower Thank You Cards

I know, you can’t use this beautiful Pink Floral Thank You Card Stationery Set for every single occasion. The good news is these are going to make you thinking of thanking people more often, and that will make the world a happier place. I may find new reasons to thank people just so I can send these cards!

Antique Maps Cards

Dreamers and travelers will love these Antique Map Cards. These fun cards just look like they should come with that glorious antique book smell, yes?

Dandelions Blowing Personalized Stationery Sets

9 Gorgeous Stationery Sets That Will Make You Bring Back the Art of Letter Writing- Dandelions Blowing Personalized Stationery Set

I have a soft spot for dandelions, and this Personalized Dandelion Stationery Setss so needs to be on my desk. There is more than one happy memory of my kiddo and I grabbing them and blowing the billowy seeds everywhere. We would call them “wish flowers” as we would make a wish with the grasped tightly in our hands before we blew on the seeds. Spread your messages on the wind with this set!

Pink Dot Tree Stationery Set

If the green tree above isn’t quite your style, then this Pink Tree Stationery Set will surely be stunning under your pen. These shiny cards have a raised texture that makes them look like fine art, and are so pretty!

Floral Escape Cards

Modern, bright and full of pattern, these Floral Escape Cards pack a visual impact right away! I am in love with the pattern!

So are you a letter-writing fan? Which stationary sets sing to your heart? Tell me about it in the comments!

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