If you are as excited for the 2017 Beauty and The Beast movie hitting theaters in March as I am, you might already be thinking about food ideas you could make for the moment. I’ve been a Belle fan from the moment she opened her first book on screen. I am so hoping that all the excitement over the live action movie does not disappoint because so far the previews look gorgeous! I don’t know that they could have chosen a better Belle than Emma Watson. So I’ve been gathering some of my favorite Beauty and The Beast inspired ideas, and I think I might just have to throw myself a little tea party with this ideas. While some of these ideas are fun for kids and families for some fun, I secretly want to host my own party for just the adults. I can do both right? Check out all the fun Beauty and the Beast inspired food ideas below!

9 Enchanting Beauty And The Beast Inspired Food You Really Can Make

Belle Cupcakes

Whether you are having a party, or are just celebrating the 2017 Beauty and The Beast movie going into theaters, these Belle cupcakes will be a hit! These cupcakes came out so sweet, and are simple enough that I can totally pull them off!

The Grey Stuff

“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!” You might think the picky eaters in your household might shy away from food called “The Grey stuff.” I can guarantee you will all laugh when you suddenly present these fun Grey Stuff Brownies. Mom, you have the best ideas. This is one of those things that would become a big joke in my family!

Cinnamon Apple Rose Tarts

Elegant and fun, these Cinnamon Apple Rose Tarts are such a posh little dessert. I’d serve these at a party for adults just as quickly as I would for kids.

Strawberry Rose

“A tale as old as time” wouldn’t be complete without the enchanted rose. Make a Strawberry Rose for your favorite kid or just for fun for you! These roses won’t last long, so hurry up and break the spell!

Belle Inspired Cake Pops

Maybe cupcakes aren’t your style, but cake pops are! How fun are these Belle inspired cake pops? I have a few friends who are cake pop making wizards, but these look simple enough that even I could make them a success!

Shortbread Tea Cookies

Planning a little tea party? How adorable are these little Tea Cookies! Also while you are over there make sure to check out the tutorial on how to make a “Chip” coffee mug!

Lefou’s Brew Recipe

Here’s a fun brew that will have you cheering and shaking your pint glass. This Lefou’s Brew recipe is totally friendly for kids, and perfect to pour up in a fun glass. “LeFou I’ve been thinking… a dangerous pastime I know!” I myself love to use the Lefou and Gaston characters as a way to open up conversations with my kid about how people should treat each other in relationships, and as friends.

Belle’s Enchanted Porridge

Now if I could just convince all of the palace cups and saucers to make my breakfast for me! Breakfast sure is a lot more fun when it starts singing and dancing. If you don’t have as much singing and dancing, try adding some of these fun toppings to add a little more fun. You may have to do the dancing part a bit yourself, haha.

Beauty And The Beast Punch

This brightly colored Beauty And The Beast punch sure turns up the fun! I love the bright red rim on this glass; doesn’t it just sweep you away into the movie? Fun!

As a last bonus, I absolutely had to show you this beautiful Beauty And The Beast rose inspired cookie. Do I think I can make this? No, I just don’t have this kind of patience or talent. But I do enjoy watching the amazing art some people can make, and this stained glass style rose is beautiful! The video also just feels relaxing!

So I have big plans to try making “The Grey Stuff,” but also the gorgeous apple rose tarts. Which one of these food ideas inspired by Beauty and The Beast will you try?

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