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Want to get salon-gorgeous hair without actually going to the salon? You’re going to love the new Hot Tools Signature Series! Everyone Deserves Beautiful, and now you can get it at home for a fraction of the price!

We all know how it goes: you get your hair cut, then the stylist blow-dries it to perfection and you leave looking (and feeling) amazing. Then, you try to recreate that same look that your stylist promised would be so easy, only to end up with hair that looks maybe half as awesome…if you’re lucky! You start to think that maybe you just don’t have what it takes to pull off cute hairstyles at home.

Let me tell you a secret: it’s not you, it’s your tools. See, creating the perfect hairstyle isn’t just about the talent (although that definitely plays a role in the more complicated styles). It’s not even so much about the product that you use. It’s about the hair dryer, the curling iron, and the flat iron; or, as I call them, the hair styling trifecta.

Here’s another secret: you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on each tool to get great hair. Hot Tools, a brand widely used in professional salons, recently launched the Hot Tools Signature Series, and it’s absolutely affordable! Read on to learn about the three must-have tools in the collection.

Hot Tools Signature Series: Everyone Deserves Beautiful

The Hot Tools Signature Series includes their Ionic Turbo hair dryer, 1″ gold curling iron wand, and the ceramic 1″ flat iron, all at an affordable price. These are the tools that many stylists use in their own salons, making it easier for you to get beautiful hair in your own home.

Want to get salon-gorgeous hair without actually going to the salon? You're going to love the new Hot Tools Signature Series! Everyone Deserves Beautiful, and now you can get it at home for a fraction of the price! 

As someone with insanely thick hair, I use all three of these tools on those days when I want my hair to look good (basically, the days that I leave the house). Even if I decide to curl my hair, I flat-iron it first to get the “poof” out. Let’s talk about the features of each one, shall we?

Ionic Turbo Hair Dryer

First, let me say that I love the sleek matte look of this hair dryer. Yes, I know, it’s not really a major feature. I mean, who cares how the tool looks as long as it makes your hair look good, right? True, but it’s still a plus! Makes it more fun to use!

Another thing that I love (like crazy, mad love) about the hair dryer: it dries my hair fairly fast compared to other hair dryers that I’ve used. When my hair was at its longest (I recently chopped off about a foot or so), it took over an hour to completely dry. I have carpal tunnel, so let me tell you, that was uncomfortable. Not only does it dry faster, but it feels lighter, too.

I usually use the Concentrator attachment, but it also comes with a Diffuser attachment. The Ionic Technology also helps keep my hair from getting frizzy and cuts down on static. I kid you not, I usually have to rub a dryer sheet on my head to get rid of static.

1″ Gold Curling Iron Wand

The gold color isn’t just decorative, it actually serves a purpose. Gold Technology helps you style faster and get longer-lasting results. The Pulse Technology is another huge plus: the wand gets hot quickly and maintains your chosen temperature while you style your hair.

For those of us with thick hair, the temperature goes up to 430-degrees Fahrenheit. While you should always start with the lowest heat setting possible, some of us have hair that only cooperates on higher settings. The 1″ barrel is versatile enough to create everything from beachy waves to bouncy curls.

1″ Ceramic Flat Iron

The flat iron is the most important tool in my own personal hair-taming arsenal, so it’s definitely the tool that I’m most picky about. My hair gets a bit poofy and out of control if I just dry it, as you can see below (thank you to my son for snapping the picture).

Here’s the thing: thanks to my carpal tunnel, I can’t really spend hours straightening my hair. Plus, once I do it, I don’t want to have to repeat the whole process a day later! I usually wash my hair twice a week (any more than that and it gets dried out). I want the style to last the entire time in-between washes.

Like the curling iron, the Hot Tools Flat Iron gets hot fast and stays hot while you work on your hair. It goes up to 440-degrees, which is about 10-20 degrees hotter than most of the other flat irons that I’ve used. I love the digital temperature read-out, makes it a lot easier to set it to the right temp.

I also love that if I just want to quickly straighten (but not totally flatten) my hair, I can pull it off in under 20 minutes. For this “after” picture, I basically separated my hair into medium-sized chunks and quickly ran the iron over them once.

If you’ve always wanted to get gorgeous salon-quality hair at home but don’t really have the time (or money) to spend hours in your stylist’s chair each week, you’ll definitely want to pick up the Hot Tools Signature Series! They also make fabulous gift ideas for pretty much anyone with hair!

The Hot Tools Signature Series is available now at Walmart, Amazon and other mass retailers. 

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