Build Your Plush Collection & Library with Kohl’s Cares and Help Kids in Need!

Kohls Cares Lil Critters with books

Kohl’s provided me with a Little Critter’s Kohl’s Cares package for sharing the information in this post. All opinions are my own. My son has a massive stuffed animal collection. In fact, the only collection larger than that is his book collection! I can’t help it, there are so many great books and adorable snuggly stuffed animals out there. Those two collections have one thing in common: Kohl’s Cares. With stuffed animals and gorgeous hardcover books at just $5 each, it was easy to amass a collection that rivals a toy store and a library! It’s even easier when you […] Read more »

Help Me Give Yick Wo A Great Art Program with Schoola #clothes4school

Schoola Jacob Van Gogh

This post is brought to you by Schoola, the best place to buy discounted kids clothes all while give back to schools in need. Click here to learn more about Schoola. Click here to see what people are saying.   When Jacob started Kindergarten and began bringing home awesome art projects, I started an Art Gallery wall in my bedroom. That way, his creations are the last thing I see before I go to to bed at night and the first thing I see in the morning. This one little wall is only a sample of the many beautiful pieces […] Read more »

Dorm Room Basics for Sharing a Bathroom with Strangers

Dorm Room Basics for Sharing a Bathroom with Strangers |

Congratulations! You’re off to college and moving into a dorm room. You know what that means? Well, a lot of things actually. Like staying up late…studying and eating junk food for breakfast! It also means sharing a bathroom with strangers! Yay, right? This was the one thing I dreaded most about living in a dorm room. I couldn’t stand showering in those little stalls with flimsy curtains. Forget about other stuff, I waited until the middle of the night! Sharing a bathroom with strangers- especially when the idea freaks you out- requires some planning. The fact that you have to […] Read more »

Easy DIY Back to School Duct Tape Decorative Storage Container Project

Duct Tape Container

I recently discovered a love for duct tape decorating! Considering my lack of crafting skills, I was super stoked to find what I consider to be the easiest method of crafting on the planet! When Scotch sent me some of their coolest fun duct tape colors and patterns to try out,  I couldn’t wait to try it out on something. I started covering old prescription bottles (I had surgery recently, remember? Lots of prescriptions for that!), but needed a bigger project. Then I remembered that we still had ice-cream containers from when I did the Blue Bunny review over at […] Read more »

Chatsters™ Gabby: Your Daughter’s New Portable Best Friend


This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. When did dolls get so cool? When I was a kid, the most advanced talking doll involved pulling a string on the back to hear one of three eerie phrases. Any other interaction with them was entirely in your head. Now, kids have awesome dolls that can actually converse with them, like Chatsters™ Gabby! What is Chatsters™ Gabby? Gabby is a totally sassy, silly, hip doll that your daughter can take on the go. She  is a “friend” that really plays with you. She responds to her accessories, […] Read more »

Zoomer™ and Zuppies™ : All the Fun of a Dog without the Mess!


This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was a teenager and into my early adult years, we rented houses where pets weren’t allowed. I wanted a dog so bad! Especially since I grew up with the best dog pretty much from birth to age 11. I knew what great companions they were and missed that! If your kids are begging for a dog but your circumstances don’t allow it, you can still give them a taste of the fun! Give them the dog they want with Zoomer™ and Zuppies™!   Zoomer™ and Zuppies™ […] Read more »

I Joined the Miracle Marathon Journey to Help Kids, and So Can You! #MiracleMarathon

Miracle Marathon Lead Blogger

This post is brought to you by the Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Marathon. All opinions are my own. I’m so excited to share that I’m serving as a lead blogger for this fall’s Miracle Marathon, specifically in support of Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals raise funds for 170 children’s hospitals across North America. The organization helps millions of children every year get much-needed medical care. When a donation is given it stays in the community, helping local kids. That’s pretty awesome, right? What is the Miracle Marathon? The Miracle Marathon is a 27-day […] Read more »

Summer Reading Under the Stars Party with Scholastic #SummerReading

Summer Reading Under the Stars Party Kit

This Summer Reading Under the Stars post is brought to you by Scholastic. All opinions are my own. I can’t think of a better way to encourage kids to do a bit of summer reading than to turn it into a party, can you? This 4th of July weekend, we had a little Summer Reading Under the Stars party on my back deck. While some of our guests were unable to make it due to weather issues (we had some terrible storms during the week before), we still had a fun little group for our party. Take a look at […] Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Kids Active All Year

Tips to keep kids active all year

It seems like every generation of parents say it: kids today just aren’t as active as they used to be. That’s because the more technology advances, the less desire kids have to move around actively. Instead they tend to prefer sitting on the couch playing games or browsing Facebook (for those 12 and older). And every generation, parents reminisce about their childhood. Remember when we used to go outside and climb trees, pretend our bikes were horses, run through sprinklers, and play in the rain? Adults always think their youth was filled with more activity than their kids show. But […] Read more »

Tips On Capturing Moments You Never Want To Forget

Tips on Capturing Memories

Kids grow up fast and you want to track that growth through pictures and video, but you also want to put a bit of a twist on it. How do you go about capturing all the sad times, all the happy times and all the laugh out loud funny times while doing it in a way that is more interesting than simply putting the pictures in a frame? What are some ways to make sure you are capturing those important moments in your child’s life? Funny But Not Embarrassing There is nothing more annoying for a child than having their […] Read more »