Must-Have Beauty Staples for Your College Dorm Life

Look great day or night at college with these dorm living must-have beauty staples! Pare down your huge makeup collection to just a few essentials that work for every occasion.

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite college dorm room beauty staples. Heading off to college is an exciting time. It’s all a bit nerve-wracking. I remember when I did it. I was so nervous, especially about sharing a bathroom with like a million other people! Okay, a million is exaggerating. Still, it feels that way! Then there’s your dorm room. You know those tiny houses that are all the rage right now? Prepare to live in one for the next four years! If you’re used to having a cabinet full of beauty supplies and sprawling out across […] Read more »

Insanely Amazing Baby Gear You Never Knew You Needed Until Now


Did you know that there is a whole new world of freaking awesome baby gear things out there that weren’t even an idea when we were little? Things they didn’t even have when Jake was little 10 years ago? As my poor best friend is howling in her bed begging her still-unnamed daughter to just get out already, I’ve been window shopping across the entire internet looking for new and exciting gifts for “baby girl.” I think I mentioned before that my friend is pregnant with a surprise baby. Her current youngest is turning 17 soon after SurpriseBaby is born.  It’s been a […] Read more »

School Lunch & Snack Ideas that Your Kids Actually WANT to Eat

Give kids awesome back to school lunches and after-school snacks that they'll actually WANT to eat with these 17 awesome recipes and ideas for picky kids!

I am crying a little inside because I’m starting back to school posts in the middle of July, but I think I’m actually late! I’m also crying a little because I’m SO not ready for summer to end. Even though we still have about five weeks left, I know a lot of kids in other areas start back in the middle of August. When my son does go back, I want to be better prepared this year with school lunch & after-school snack ideas that he’ll actually want to eat. Whether you have two weeks, four or six left of […] Read more »

Globber 3 Wheel Scooter: Your Preschooler’s New Favorite Ride-On Toy


With the beautiful weather we’ve had this summer my kids have had tons of playtime outdoors. They buzz around with their neighborhood friends or we take off for walks to explore and get a little exercise.  My 4 year old takes her Globber 3 Wheel Scooter with her pretty much everywhere now. I received one in exchange for an honest review. What is Globber? Globber is a company that originated in France and hit the worldwide market in 2014. They believe that safety can never be undervalued and pride themselves on selling some of the most revolutionary and safest products […] Read more »

Latchkey Kids in the 21st Century: Keeping Your Kids Safe When You’re Not Home

Latchkey Kids in the Digital Age

I was a latchkey kid back in the late 1980s. Long before cell phones and Skype. I don’t even think they had old-school nanny cams back then! My mom worked in an office where everyone knew us, so if I had a problem, I was able to get in touch with her pretty fast. Still, I imagine it had to be a little scary at times knowing her 12-year-old daughter was the only person in charge of her 7-year-old son for about two hours every day. Once I hit legal babysitting age, it was just me and him after school until […] Read more »

Exercise Your Noggin with Award-Winning Brain Games + Giveaway

Brain Games 1

  Summer learning should be all about fun. It is vacation, after all! While “summer slide” is the trending word of the decade and none of us want to be accused of letting our kids succumb to it, I strongly believe in giving my child the same type of summer vacation I had as a kid. I never did worksheets and honestly, I didn’t go back to school forgetting everything I learned! Life offers plenty of opportunities for learning and reinforcing concepts learned in school. One great way to help your kids retain knowledge and build new skills is by […] Read more »

Easy Ways for Your Family to Be More Sun Savvy

Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen in sunlight

This post is brought to you by Blue Lizard. I received complimentary sun safety products in exchange for an honest review. You know how important it is to protect your skin this summer. I shouldn’t have to really drive that point home, right? Sunshine is pretty and all, but those sun rays are damaging. Sun damage can lead to skin cancer. Ergo, protecting your skin from the sun is common sense. Sadly, many of us still fall short when it comes to sun safety. I stand on my soapbox shouting that we need to be more sun-savvy, yet last summer […] Read more »

Stop Filtering OUT the Bad, Start Filtering IN the Good with SmartFeed

SmartFeed 1

This post is brought to you by SmartFeed. All opinions are my own. Ever wish you could stop filtering out all the bad stuff and start filtering IN the good news for your kids? With SmartFeed, that’s exactly what you do! I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want my son watching the news. I am a pretty liberal parent. I let him watch shows and play games that many parents don’t allow. Yet I draw the line at the nightly newscast. To me, it’s the most violent show on television. As he’s getting older, I do give him access […] Read more »

How I Got My Picky Eater To Eat Vegetables In 3 Easy Steps


Today’s post comes from Jennifer Taylor of Mom Tricks. She’s sharing advice on something that I have a super hard time with myself, getting picky kids to eat veggies! Enjoy! Does this dinnertime conversation sound familiar? “Please just try your carrots?” “No!” “Just try one little bite, okay?” “Mommy, no!” If it does, you might just be dealing with a picky eater. My son was a very picky eater, and my husband and I spent countless nights begging and pleading with him to try his veggies. We were long past the late-night diaper changes and feedings, and since neither my […] Read more »

Cross a Zebra with a Unicorn & You Have Zoonicorn Fun!


What do you get when you combine a zebra and a unicorn? A Zoonicorn, of course! Zoonicorns were created by Zoonicorn, LLC, a company out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their tagline is, “Enriching youth with life adventures.™” They aim to do this with their family of four plush Zoonicorns as well as a hardcover book featuring each one. My son and daughter received all four of the fabulous Zoonicorns in exchange for an honest review. Zoonicorns: Zebra + Unicorns = Fun! These plush Zoonicorns are super soft and each has their own unique name. They include: Promithea, Aliel, Ene, and Valeo. […] Read more »