Take Riding to Whole New Levels with the Rockboard RBX Scooter

rockboard 5

Have you ever looked at a scooter and thought “that just doesn’t seem like much exercise?” Rockboard Scooters is about to change that! Jacob got the chance to try one out in exchange for an honest review, and so far he’s loving it. As a parent, I’m thrilled with it because it really puts his whole body into the scooter experience. Ever since Jake was little, he’s loved riding scooters. He was just never a bike kid. He has one. A brand new shiny one, in fact, that he begged for as a 10th birthday gift. He rode it twice […] Read more »

Spooky Fun Halloween Apps for Moms & Kids

Spooky fun & totally cute Halloween apps for all ages (yep, moms too!)

If you’re an app addict like me, chances are you’re looking for some fun Halloween apps to fill up that “Holiday” folder you have sitting on your iPad home screen. I’ve got you covered. I spent four hours last night downloading and trying out different Halloween games and pumpkin carving apps to find the best ones for both you and the kiddos. Because hey, we need a little spooky fun too! Check out my top picks! Fun Halloween Apps for Everyone Carve-a-Pumpkin from Parents Magazine: At first glance, this doesn’t really seem like an exciting pumpkin carving app. It has a […] Read more »

Eat Burgers & Support Your School at Red Robin + $75 Gift Card Giveaway

Red Robin 3

This post is brought to you by Red Robin. All opinions are my own. Did you know that at Red Robin, you can eat burgers with your family AND support your favorite school? It’s true!  All you need is an appetite and a Red Robin Royalty member account, both of which are free! Then, when you visit your local Red Robin and use your Royalty account, 1% of your total bill (minus tip and taxes) goes to the school of your choice. So you get to eat food you love and support your child’s school! Red Robin’s Burgers for Better […] Read more »

Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park Helps Even the Youngest Kids Learn about Bullying


Today I’m sharing a great post from Jennifer Schreiber, the author of Monday at Jelly Roll Dog Park, a brand new kids book that teaches kids about bullying through lovable characters and beautiful illustrations. I’ll let the author herself tell you a bit more about the story as well as the inspiration behind the book.   Preparing to go Back to School keeps us parents busy this time of year with shopping for school supply sales, attempting to squeeze kids into last year’s uniforms and sifting through the stacks of paperwork from administrators and teachers. “Uh oh! It’s the dreaded Contract […] Read more »

Stay Connected to Your Kids Anytime, Anywhere for Free with Scratch Wireless

Coolpad 2

Can you believe I’m the mom of a 5th grader? I can’t! Jacob was in 1st grade when I started Pretty Opinionated! Back then, I wasn’t even thinking about things like after-school activities, cell phones and letting him walk home from the bus stop. Now, at 10, he’s starting band practice and begging for a bit more independence. He also needs a cell phone. While I have one that I got for him last year for review that I did love, Jake just burns through minutes on it. I needed something that let him get in touch with me anytime, […] Read more »

Comfy Critters Huggable Hooded Blankets for Kids


As summer tapers off the mornings are starting to cool down around here. The first thing my kids do when they wake up is head downstairs and burrow under a blanket to keep warm while they watch a show. Their Comfy Critters have found a new home snuggled up with them on these chilly mornings.   Comfy Critters Huggable Blankets for Kids Note: We received complimentary Comfy Critters in exchange for an honest review. Comfy Critters were developed in 2011 under the parent company Infinity Product Group. Their Huggable Hooded Blankets are a blanket, pillow, and soft plush character all […] Read more »

Delight Your Kids with Bixbee Fairy Flyer Backpack with Light Up Wings


Whether they’re heading back to school or staying overnight at the grandparents’, it’s nice for little ones to have at least one good backpack they are comfortable wearing. Not only does it make them feel good to have all their belongings in a bag of their own, but also it helps give them a sense of independence to proudly carry it themselves. Bixbee Fairy Flyer Backpack with Light Up Wings Bixbee is a line of designer backpacks that combines functionality and durability with eye-catching designs. They also sell accessories for kids like wristlets, purses, and duffle bags. My daughter and I had […] Read more »

10 Sandwich-Free Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids #WishIHadaWetOnes

10 Sandwich-Free School Lunch Ideas for Kids (and moms too!)

Remember last week, I told you how I was just finishing up back to school lunch supplies for my super picky eater? Well, I’m done…I think! You never know, I could see something else that he absolutely needs down the line. For now, though, I’m done. Good thing, too, since he went back earlier this week! In that post, I promised a few easy ideas for your non-sandwich-eating picky eaters. I really wanted to wow you with some impressive lunch art skills. I spent all last night looking up various cool creations. Then reality struck and I remembered that when it […] Read more »

What to Include in a “Beautiful You” Care Package for Your College Student #SchickSummerSelfie

College Care Package

This post is brought to you by Schick®. All opinions are my own. Now that most college students are back in school, it’s time to start thinking about care packages! I loved getting those little boxes when I was away at college. While there are so many routes you can take, from snacks to cleaning supplies, one thing that just about every college girl needs is more skin and personal care products. It seems like we only packed enough to get us through the first month. By the time the first test comes around, we were out of our favorite lotions, […] Read more »

DIY Box Tops for Education Drop Box Craft

Make this easy Box Tops for Education Drop Box so you don't forget to send these valuable clippings in to your child's school!

Last week I told you all about how important it is to collect Box Tops for Education, and how easy they are to find at Walmart. I also shared with you some of my own issues with remembering to actually send them in to Jacob’s school. This year, I’m trying to be more organized about it. I thought if I had a cute yet easy place to put them, I’d be more likely to remember them! I love repurposing containers with duct tape. Honestly, it’s pretty much the only crafty thing I know how to do! This Box Tops Drop […] Read more »