Delight Your Kids with Bixbee Fairy Flyer Backpack with Light Up Wings


Whether they’re heading back to school or staying overnight at the grandparents’, it’s nice for little ones to have at least one good backpack they are comfortable wearing. Not only does it make them feel good to have all their belongings in a bag of their own, but also it helps give them a sense of independence to proudly carry it themselves. Bixbee Fairy Flyer Backpack with Light Up Wings Bixbee is a line of designer backpacks that combines functionality and durability with eye-catching designs. They also sell accessories for kids like wristlets, purses, and duffle bags. My daughter and I had […] Read more »

10 Sandwich-Free Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids #WishIHadaWetOnes

10 Sandwich-Free School Lunch Ideas for Kids (and moms too!)

Remember last week, I told you how I was just finishing up back to school lunch supplies for my super picky eater? Well, I’m done…I think! You never know, I could see something else that he absolutely needs down the line. For now, though, I’m done. Good thing, too, since he went back earlier this week! In that post, I promised a few easy ideas for your non-sandwich-eating picky eaters. I really wanted to wow you with some impressive lunch art skills. I spent all last night looking up various cool creations. Then reality struck and I remembered that when it […] Read more »

What to Include in a “Beautiful You” Care Package for Your College Student #SchickSummerSelfie

College Care Package

This post is brought to you by Schick®. All opinions are my own. Now that most college students are back in school, it’s time to start thinking about care packages! I loved getting those little boxes when I was away at college. While there are so many routes you can take, from snacks to cleaning supplies, one thing that just about every college girl needs is more skin and personal care products. It seems like we only packed enough to get us through the first month. By the time the first test comes around, we were out of our favorite lotions, […] Read more »

DIY Box Tops for Education Drop Box Craft

Make this easy Box Tops for Education Drop Box so you don't forget to send these valuable clippings in to your child's school!

Last week I told you all about how important it is to collect Box Tops for Education, and how easy they are to find at Walmart. I also shared with you some of my own issues with remembering to actually send them in to Jacob’s school. This year, I’m trying to be more organized about it. I thought if I had a cute yet easy place to put them, I’d be more likely to remember them! I love repurposing containers with duct tape. Honestly, it’s pretty much the only crafty thing I know how to do! This Box Tops Drop […] Read more »

Nominate Your Amazing School for Tyson Project A+™ at Walmart!

Tyson Tacos

This post is brought to you by Tyson®. All opinions are my own. Want to help make a huge difference for your school with just a click of a button? Nominate them for a chance to win $1,000 worth of extra Tyson Project A+™ labels! Remember last week I told you all about how Tyson® was making it easy to feed your family AND give back to your school? Well, this just gives you a chance to really step up those efforts. You can nominate your school once a day, then share your nomination on social media to get your whole community […] Read more »

School Lunch Supplies for Picky Eaters: Thinking Outside the Box! #WishIHadAWetOnes

School lunch supplies picky kids

We are down to the wire with back to school shopping! Jacob starts on Monday and I’m STILL not ready! I finally have all the basics: pencils, folders, backpack, shoes. Now, though, it’s time to start thinking lunch! Since I have the pickiest eater on the planet, this is the hardest part of all. Jake eats lunch at about half the time. The other half, I pack for him. I also have to pack him a snack every day. Since Jacob isn’t a big sandwich person- he only like PB&F(luff), and peanuts are off limits because of kids with allergies- […] Read more »

Box Tops For Education: Helping Close the Gap Between What Schools Get & What They Need

Box Tops 2

Have you started collecting Box Tops for Education yet? If not, now is as good a time as any to start! Jacob goes back to school in a few days. The PTO always sends the first letter about Box Tops home with their welcome packet, to remind us how beneficial they are to the school. I’m going to be honest, I’ve been such a slacker at sending them in. I buy SO many things with Box Tops. I even clip them! Then I stick them in a drawer and forget about them. This year I’m vowing to do better! Why […] Read more »

Look Your Best on Your First Day at College with Schick at Walmart #SchickSummerSelfie

College with Schick

This post is brought to you by Schick®. All opinions are my own. Heading off to college is one of the most exciting times in your teens’ life. I remember it well, even though it’s been a smidge more time than I care to admit! It doesn’t matter if they’re staying in a dorm at a local school or a campus across the country, keeping up with beauty rituals away from home requires a whole lot of planning and list-making. That’s the hard part. The fun part? Shopping for everything on those lists! No really, it IS fun! Shop Schick at Walmart If […] Read more »

One & Done with Blum: Back to School Supplies + Giveaway

Blum School Gear 2

Wouldn’t it be super spectacular if you could buy ONE thing and pretty much be done with back to school supply shopping? Imagine, no running from store to store to get the best deals on pencils, crayons, sharpeners, pencil boxes, etc, etc, OMG etc. Just thinking about it makes me sweaty! So when Blum Gear asked if I wanted to review one of their school gear kits for Jacob, I pictured the hours (and gas money) I would save and said “oh yes!” Then they said I could give FOUR of you a kit of your own. Double yes! Why […] Read more »

Find “Your Something” for Back to School at Redbubble

Redbubble Your Something

Preparing for back to school season is almost as crazy as prepping for the holiday season, don’t you think? If you have teens heading off the college, it’s even crazier! Not only do they need their basic back to school supplies, but they need to furnish an entire living space away from home. It’s like school shopping and new apartment shopping at the same time. You know I have a major passion for Rebubble when it comes to decorating and fun gifts, right? But did you also know that you can check a ton of items off those lists right there […] Read more »