Bring Home the Magic of the Holidays with Portable North Pole

PNP Jacob 2

This post is brought to you by the Portable North Pole. All opinions are my own. When it comes to the holidays, no matter how old I get, I still love the magic of Santa. Can I tell you a secret? I still leave cookies out for the big guy! My son has reached that age where he’s just not sure. I think he WANTS to believe, but his friends tell him otherwise. He knows I want him to believe, so he also tells me what I want to hear. Regardless of whether he’s on the fence or completely on […] Read more »

Three tips to raising kids in the jungle – urban or actual!

Amazon Rainforest Kayapo Kids

This post is brought to you by PURE Energies. All photo credits go to Neil Osborne. I’m so excited to share with you a fun and totally different type of post today from the team at PURE Energies, makers of solar-power energy systems. Their CEO, Zbigniew Barwicz- along with a small team led by the International Conservation Fund of Canada- recently embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest. For two weeks, they lived alongside the Kayapo, the indigenous tribe that has dedicated its life to protecting the rain forest. During their trip, the team spent […] Read more »

Give Your Building Fans Brick Loot for the Holidays!

Brick Loot 2

Looking for an awesome gift idea for building fans that keeps giving all year long? Brick Loot is definitely the way to go! This fabulous new subscription service invented by a 9-year-old boy just launched in time for the holidays. I actually got a sneak peek at their December box (their very first box!). What’s in the Brick Loot Box? I don’t want to give away all the surprises, but the picture above gives you a bit of a peek at the December Brick Loot box. Now, keep in mind that, like all subscription services, every monti is different! Every month […] Read more »

Nokia Lumia 530: The Right Smartphone for Your Child

Nokia Lumia Jake 2

Jacob received a complimentary Nokia Lumia 530 for review. All opinions are his and mine. Yes, you read that right: the right smartphone for your child. A little over a month ago, I was adamant that my son would NEVER need a phone until he was at least 14. I admit it, I was a little judgmental towards parents who got their preteen kids a phone. Maybe more than a little. Then my son missed chorus and came home on the regular bus. I didn’t know. He didn’t have a phone. No one offered to bring him home or call […] Read more »

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids


We received these cool low-tech  gifts for kids with big imaginations for review. All opinions are my own. Tis the season to wrack your brain over what to get your almost-pre-teen kid! I really miss the toddler years. My son was SO much easier to buy for then. We’d get the toy catalog, I’d say “this looks cool, don’t you want it?” He’d say “yes.” Within minutes, my list was done! Now, he’s 9 going on 19 and all about the high-tech fun. While I’m pretty encouraging of his tech interests, I don’t want him connected 24-7. What if Revolution […] Read more »

Three Reasons Why Kids Need Contact Sports

Contact Sports

Going pro, and signing a big headphone deal with Beats is not one of the reasons why kids need contact sports. Toughening them up and turning them into manly men is another reason that didn’t make the list. First, I am not convinced that chasing a ball for a living is the most valuable thing you can do with your life. Second, contact sports are not just for males. The other 50% should not be relegated to the sidelines, waving their pompoms to raise the level of cheer. The benefits of contact sports are universal. If you don’t think so, […] Read more »

My Child Wants To Play Lacrosse! Help!


Most parents want their kids to stay physically active. Many sports organizations like the NFL are even getting into the act of encouraging physical activity. So when your child comes home and wants to play lacrosse, you are thrilled! Now all you need to do is figure out exactly what lacrosse is. Lacrosse may be a new sport to your family, but in reality it has been around for centuries. While you probably wouldn’t recognize the ancient aboriginal Canadian game in the current version played today, it is the origin of this increasingly popular game. Let’s learn more about the game […] Read more »

Little Tikes Activity Garden Adventure Set is Almost as Cute as my Niece!

Abbie Activity Center 2

Two weeks ago, we babysat my most insanely adorable niece, Abigail, for the weekend while my brother and sister-in-law had some much-needed time alone. I’ve been holding on to the Little Tikes Activity Garden Adventure Set since it was sent to me for review. I wanted to really get you pictures of it in use. I also wanted more excuses to share pictures of Abbie, not that I need them! I’m going to kindly ask you to pardon the stuff in the background. I forgot how much work babies are and didn’t really have a chance to turn my living […] Read more »

Topo’s Piano for iPad: A Beautiful Tale of Friendship & Courage

Topos Piano Collage

  This post is brought to you by Topo’s Piano. All opinions are my own. Topo’s Piano is a charming and incredibly sweet interactive story for children ages 2-6.  It’s a tale of friendship and of courage, of dreaming and imagination. A tale of music, wonder and determination. Basically, a tale that celebrates all the traits we want our own children to have. In the story, little Topo- a mouse- loves to play music for his friends. Topo created his own piano out of found objects- string, bolts, whatever he could grab and use. His songs are so beautiful, they […] Read more »

Surprise Ride Brings Monthly Adventures to Kids!

Surprise Ride Jake 2

You know how I love subscription boxes, right? Especially ones filled with cool stuff for kids? Well, I’m so thrilled to have found Surprise Ride! I did this review through Tomoson, but all opinions are my own. Go on an Adventure with Surprise Ride Surprise Ride is a cool subscription box service for kids that brings them a new adventure every month. Our box featured fun things to celebrate outer space! It included: A telescope craft a cool clock-making craft a fill-in-the-blank National Geographic “mad-libs” type book Fun facts, stickers and more about stars The first thing we did was […] Read more »