Unleash Your Child’s Nurturing Side with Lakeshore Pet Vet Clinic

Pet Vet Clinic

As a 4 year old, my daughter loves any type of pretend play. Cooking at her kitchen, giving her dolls check-ups, and all sorts of other scenarios she creates. It’s a part of play where her mind is free to make up all the details and I love seeing what she’s pretending to be or do on a particular day. Foster a Love of Learning & Nurturing with Pet Vet Clinic The Pet Vet Clinic is just one of the uniquely designed imaginative play toys by Lakeshore. Lakeshore is a company based out of California that is dedicated to developing high […] Read more »

Empower Your Daughter with Girls Can! Crate + Giveaway


With the holidays fast approaching I’ve seen a ton of new subscription boxes out. My sister gets a box that delivers full meals for her family a couple times a month, while a friend of mine gets a box of makeup products delivered every month. Yet another one of my mommy friends gets awesome baby gear in her subscription box. It’s like Christmas every month with these things! Girls Can! Crate: Empowering Young Girls Every Month The Girls Can! Crate is a unique subscription box developed by Big Little Ones LLC. This company is an all-female start up committed to […] Read more »

Chuck E. Cheese’s: Where The Whole Family Can Be a Kid! #Chuckecheese


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. All opinions are 100% mine. I remember the first time I took Jacob to Chuck E. Cheese’s, back in 2008. He wasn’t quite 3 yet, so he spent most of his time in the “little kid zone.” He was totally fascinated with the giant singing animatronic band members. I couldn’t pull him away! He insisted that he get his picture taken with all the characters. Look how little he was! Over the years, Chuck E. Cheese’s has changed a bit (always for the better, they’re constantly updating […] Read more »

My Friend Teddy: Your Child’s New Interactive Best Friend

My Friend Teddy

When I was little, some of my favorite toys were those that were so life like and realistic. I was envious of a friend who had a Teddy Ruxpin doll because it could talk to her and that seemed pretty magical. If you’re a child of the 80’s, you may remember Teddy Ruxpin, too. With the help of technology, toy manufacturers are able to do so much these days when it comes to interactive toys for kids. They’ve come a long way from using cassette tapes and black and white screens. Tablets and downloadable apps are so child friendly, making […] Read more »

Dino Hunterz Crossbow by Zing Toys: Perfect Gift Idea for Jurassic World Fans!

Dino Hunterz Crossbow

Bow and arrow toys seem to be popular this year. I guess it’s no surprise, as they are used in quite a few videos games, movies and TV shows. I know my son has become familiar with them while playing Minecraft and Terraria. Dino Hunterz Crossbow by Zing The Dino Hunterz Crossbow by Zing is one of the newest archery toys you will find in stores this holiday season. Zing aims to produce high quality action toys for kids that encourages them to stay active through play. They have a full line of action toys for kids ranging from bow […] Read more »

Create Movie Magic with StikBot Stop-Animation Studio


There are tons of mediums available for kids to create art. We are forever going through crayons, markers, watercolor paints, and stamps around here. Our refrigerator is covered in artwork the kids have proudly brought home from school. They love seeing what their work displayed for everyone to see. Zing is a company that specializes in toys that promote a healthy lifestyle for kids by keeping them active through play. You can see our recent review of their Firetek Zeon Bow here. In the event of a rainy day however, Stikbot is another way Zing keeps kids active and entertained. […] Read more »

Twist, Turn, Build and Imagine with Pinblock Building Sets

Pinblock Sets

Building sets of all kinds are really taking off in the toy industry. I happen to have a little guy who loves to build and design. Sometimes its blocks, other times its scrap materials from around the house. Whatever he may use, I think building is a really beneficial type of play. Twist, Turn, Build, Imagine with Pinblock Pinblock, Inc. developed a new building toy called Pinblock. Pinblock sets contain one single sized piece that can twist, turn, lay flat, or stack when connected to other pieces. This allows 3D building and is what sets them apart from other building […] Read more »

Help Tots Get to Sleep with Cloud B Stay Asleep Buddies Hedgehog Plush

Stay Asleep Buddy

Getting children to sleep and helping them stay asleep can be so difficult. Just when you think you’ve established a great routine and your little one is sleeping great, something ruins it like teething or an ear ache. Maybe you have a child that goes to sleep like a champ, but is ready to party for the day at 4 a.m. Whatever the issue may be, sometimes you just need a little help. Cloud B Stay Asleep Buddies Sleep Trainer Cloud B is a company founded in 2002 and is now the world’s leading manufacturer of products that help children […] Read more »

11 Candy-Free Halloween Treats That Kids Will Actually Love #tealpumpkinproject

Candy-Free Halloween

For parents of one of the 6-million children with food allergies, trick or treating is a downright stressful occasion. Their child either skips it altogether and misses out on the experience or ends up with a bag full of potentially-fatal candy. Where’s the treat in that? Even if their kids don’t have allergies, many parents just don’t want their kids to come home with 50-pounds of candy. I’m not saying we should abolish candy (not at all, I love stealing from my son’s stash!), but I do think that it’s super important to keep some alternatives on hand for the kids who […] Read more »

Get Kids Outside and Moving with Firetek Zeon Bow by Zing

Firetek Zeon Bow

The days are getting shorter and chillier, but my kids are still trying to soak up every minute of daylight they can after school and on the weekends.   They love playing with all of their neighborhood pals, and are always coming up with their own pretend play scenarios or strategic variations of tag. Having plenty for them to do outside is a win/win situation for all of us. Firetek Zeon Bow Gets Kids Outside & Moving Zing is a company out of Hong Kong that strives to make high-quality toys for action play. Their mission is to promote a healthy […] Read more »