Need an easy way to keep everyone occupied before heading out for Trick or Treat? I made these two fun Halloween coloring books for kids! They’re both totally free, no strings attached.

Cute Printable Halloween Coloring Books for all Ages

Updated for 2023: In addition to the original  coloring book, I just added a second one with brand-new designs. Just click the photo (or here) to download it.

Need an easy way to keep the kids occupied? I made this fun little Halloween coloring book for kids! It's totally free, no strings attached. Just click the photo (or here) to download it.


The second one is a bit bigger (21 pages including the cover). I recommend printing it without the cover, though, if you’re running low on ink. 😀 I had to upload this one to Google Drive since it’s so big. Click here (or on the pic below) to grab it.

2 Free Printable Halloween Coloring Books for Kids (No Strings Attached)

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Find More Cute Halloween Coloring Pages on Creative Fabrica

I created these books by combining some of my favorite pages from Creative Fabrica, where I just renewed my membership (they had an awesome deal last week, but I think it’s over now). Basically, when you sign up, you get access to their full library (fonts, graphics, crafts- depending on which package you choose). All of the products come with a commercial license, so you can use them to create your own KDP coloring books to sell, or use graphics on t-shirts, etc.

While the site exists primarily for people like me- bloggers, graphic designers, short content book sellers and so on- it’s actually loaded with amazing little goodies for your average, everyday family. There are hundreds (maybe even thousands) of coloring pages and books. For example, this cute Christmas book! They also have beautiful mandalas, patterns, and other adult coloring book options.

Plus, since you get the commercial license, you may even decide to start a new side gig. What’s the cutesy hipster name for that? I can’t remember, I’m sick today and my brain is fried. Oh, hustle. Side hustle, that’s it! I’ve been thinking about doing that for ages. I even made my own journal-style book out of my 52-week reading challenge, but the cover was kind of ugly so no one looked twice at it. That’s okay, live and learn! I’ll do better with the next one, hopefully.

Memberships are pretty affordable, especially if you plan to download a lot of coloring pages and graphics each month. Or, you could also just buy individual products without a membership. They also have some freebies if you just want to see what they have to offer without committing to a plan.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about this great resource. Whether you choose to take advantage of it or not, the Halloween coloring books are yours- no strings attached (I don’t like making you sign up for a newsletter that, honestly, I never even send just to get a freebie). Enjoy!