Ever since I was a baby, I’ve been prone to extreme motion sickness. As soon as I was old enough, my mom and grandparents dosed me with Dramamine every time we were traveling more than 20 minutes away. Even now, as an adult, I can’t ride in the backseat without feeling my stomach start churning five minutes into the trip, and sometimes even the front seat isn’t safe enough. So when I was preparing for my cruise last summer, I researched every possible remedy because I was terrified I’d spend more time bent over the toilet in the tiny bathroom than I would on the deck by the pool.

Off the Boat: Other Uses for SeaBands

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Because I’m an over-packer by nature, I took two different motion sickness pills, ginger pills, ginger candy, sour lemon candy (sounds weird, but it works) and my SeaBand wrist cuff. The SeaBandSeaBands- Not Just for Boats, which uses acupressure to combat motion sickness, turned out to be enough on most days, even on the second day out to sea when everyone else was dropping like flies from the rough waters. Sure, the gray elastic cuff looked like a throwback to the 80’s and didn’t make the best fashion statement, but at least I wasn’t hurling! I think they actually make it in pretty colors too, but I opted for the cheapest one.

SeaBands- Not Just for Boats

The other day, I started getting vertigo really badly (it happens every so often), so I dug out the SeaBand, thinking maybe it would help. It did! It actually worked better than the medications I usually take (antihistamines or Dramamine) and had the added benefit of not knocking me on my butt. I am so happy to find a form of relief for my annoying inner ear issues that I wanted to share it with others who may not know about this little miracle “bracelet.” I highly recommend SeaBands to anyone who gets sick while traveling or experiences random bouts of vertigo. Styles and prices vary, but I paid about $8 for a two-pack of the gray ones on Drugstore.com last summer.

Note- This is not a sponsored post, I just really wanted to spread the word and help others who, like me, yak at the mere site of a moving vehicle.