Ever since my son (now almost six) was an infant, I’ve been madly in love with Badger products. Back Badger Balm- If You're Not Using It, You're Missing Out!before Jake was even born, I wrote a ton of baby product companies requesting samples, explaining that I was about to become a new mother and was completely lost when it came to figuring out the best products for sensitive baby skin. I didn’t want to buy a little of this, a little of that and spend a small fortune trying to find the best options, and I figured the worst they could say was “no.” Well, most of the companies never even bothered to respond, but a few sent me some small samples. Badger, on the other hand, responded right away and sent me a nice sized .75 oz. tin of their Baby Balm. Let me tell you, that small tin lasted me an eternity, and it worked incredibly well. With simple, soothing ingredients like chamomile and calendula extract, it tamed even his angriest diaper rash beasts.

After noticing how well the Baby Balm worked on my son, I decided to check out some of the other products they offer for myself. So far, I’ve stuck strictly with the balms, although I would love to venture into their other products (I just haven’t had the chance yet). I’ve tried the Night Night balm on both Jake and myself (I opted for that one because it’s safe for children as well as adults), and while nothing helps my kid sleep when he’s wound up, it did help me relax a bit! I used the Foot Balm back when I was a nursing student and on my feet for up to ten hours a day during clinicals. Not only did it help with the cracking, but it was super soothing on my tired, achy feet. The Anti-Bug Balm helped keep flying pests away from us in the summer and the Winter Wonder balm relieves congestion in the winter. Most recently, I’ve been using the Headache Soother balm with peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender (plus some others, but those are the most notable) to help combat my constant stress headaches. Every single product I’ve ever used from the Badger company has worked exactly as promised, if not better. I also love their history, how they started out as one guy who was trying to make something to soothe his dry, cracked hands after a rough day of work in the harsh New Hampshire winters, and how they still remain a small, family-run business. They’re environmentally friendly, support organic farming and use only all natural ingredients. Plus, a little tin goes a very long way, and the bigger tins practically last an eternity. The only one that I went through very fast was the Foot Balm because I used it every night and really slathered it on. Hey, I’m a wimp, and my feet killed after a ten hour clinical rotation! Probably one of the reasons I didn’t make it through nursing school!

They keep coming out with new products, and there is a long list that I’m dying to try out, so if anyone else is using another one of their balms, I’m always open to recommendations. Note- I didn’t receive any free products for this review. I simply love the company and wanted to share how awesome they are with others.