Book Review: SupernaturallyTitle: Superaturally
Author: Kiersten White
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: July 26, 2011

I’ve been looking forward to SupernaturallyBook Review: Supernaturally ever since I finished Paranormalcy a few months ago, and since it came out the day before my birthday, I decided I would just get it for myself as a gift. It arrived the day it came out, so I started reading it on the 26th and finished it on the 27th, my birthday. Obviously, I loved the first book, and this one picks up slightly after the last one left off. Evie finally has the “normal” life that she’s always wanted. She’s going to a real high school, making non-paranormal friends, and even has a locker! Still, she’s a little disappointed to find out that high school isn’t exactly like her favorite show, Easton Heights. There are no wild drunken parties, girls don’t scream and whip boys with towels when said boy sneaks into their locker room, and her gym teacher acts like a troll. But Evie is doing alright with all of that, and even adapting to having a long-distance boyfriend, since Lend is off in college.

Then creepy things start happening. She’s abducted by a cloud, her former boss and stand-in mom shows back up in her life asking for help, and all the paranormals in town seem to be staring at her constantly.  Evie finds herself back in the “bagging and tagging” world of the IPCA on a contractual basis, dealing with a cocky adolescent nonparanormal partner, trying to figure out a way to stop lying to Lend, and all the while thwarting her ex-Fae-boyfriend Reth’s attempts to charm her back into the Faery Lands. Perhaps normal is a bit overrated after all.

Evie has to be the most delightful, charming paranormal lead character I’ve ever read. She’s sweet, charming, silly, occasionally self-deprecating, and just plain fun. I love her voice, and the way she rambles on and on about the types of things that most teenagers take for granted- like lockers. While most kids her age are trying to figure out who they are, she’s trying to figure out WHAT she is, yet she remains so good-natured throughout her entire quest. White writes in such a rapid-fire style that once you start the book, you don’t want to stop, and when it’s over, you wonder how you got to the end so fast. Supernaturally is a bit more mellow than Paranormalcy was. Although stuff happens, it’s more about discovery than action. But it’s the middle book in the trilogy, which means it needs to not only carry the first part of the story further, but also must set up the last book in the series. The middle book is a difficult one for any trilogy, and I think White pulled it off fantastically. I am anxiously awaiting the final installment.


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