Men (the few of you that visit my site) be warned, this is going to get girly. In about two sentences from now, I’m going to mention things that you may not want to read about, so consider this your fair and last warning if you’re squeamish about “women’s health issues.”

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I’m working on this project for Mom Central and  to discuss the issue of heavy monthly bleeding. Millions of women  deal with this issue every month, yet many feel uncomfortable discussing it. Let’s face it, our monthly periods are not exactly dinner table conversation, and generations before us were brought up to never even mention it at all. But it is important for women to get comfortable talking about their periods, otherwise how will we know what is considered “normal” and what could be cause for concern? Granted, there is no exact normal when it comes to periods, but it does help to be able to ask “does this happen to you?” If the answer is “no” the majority of the time, then you know you may want to bring it up with your doctor.

An excessively heavy monthly flow is one of those issues that should definitely be checked out, especially if it’s a new development. It can cause fatigue, frustration, and in some cases, other health issues such as anemia, not to mention the expense of replacing ruined clothing.  provides women a place to learn more about sensitive issues like this, the potential causes behind it, and how it can be treated.  For more information, check out the article Understanding Heavy Monthly Bleeding: The Latest on Lighter Periods. Although the section on heavy bleeding is sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals, maker of Lysteda (a prescription medication approved for treatment of heavy monthly bleeding), the articles are researched and written by unbiased experts and provide a balanced overview. In fact, in the Treatment Options for Heavy Monthly Bleeding article,  Lysteda is listed after lifestyle changes–such as using an ice-pack and increasing your vitamin C and iron intake– and over-the-counter medications. also features expertly written articles on numerous other women’s health topics, from uterine fibroids (a potential cause of heavy monthly bleeding) to osteoporosis. It is an excellent overall resource for just about anything you may need to know about your health and well-being. They even have an “Ask an Expert” column where you can send in your own questions, such as this one about how to determine if your periods are normal.


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Ferring Pharmaceuticals and received a promotional item to facilitate my review. However, all my thoughts and opinions are my own.