Knot Genie Takes the Pain Out of Brushing Long, Thick HairI’ve always had super thick hair, and for most of my life, it’s also been fairly long. In fact, right now with it cut just about my shoulders is the shortest it’s been for most of my teenage and adult life. I remember when I was little and my mom would brush my hair, and I would just bawl the whole time because it hurt. It wasn’t her fault, I just had the type of hair that tangled in knots if a faint breeze even passed by.  One time we thought it would be fun to give me a perm, and the knots just got infinitely worse.  I really wish they had something like the Knot Genie detangling hairbrush back then. It definitely would have made both my life and my mom’s a whole lot easier.

Knot Genie Takes the Pain Out of Brushing Long, Thick HairThe Knot Genie is  cloud-shaped brush with bristles in multiple sizes and lengths. This allows them to more easily work through tangles, resulting in far fewer tears. I used it on my hair and it definitely caused less pain than my usual hairbrush. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure if the bristles would be long enough to pass through my thick hair (when I say thick, we’re talking “charge you double to dye it professionally” thick), but they actually did a great job! I still brush the underneath too just to be sure. The shape of the Knot Genie makes it easier to hold and guide through your hair too, unlike long handles that offer very little in the way of proper “steering” of the brush. I usually had to hold the brush closer to the top of the handle anyway, so this definitely makes it much easier on my hands. I also notice that my hair is shinier since using the Knot Genie. According to their website, this is because I’m not putting so much stress on my tresses anymore, so there’s less breakage. Makes perfect sense to me.

I would definitely recommend the Knot Genie for both children and grown-ups with hair that is prone to tangling. I even used it on Jacob because even though his hair is shorter, he inherited thick hair from me so it still gets kind of tangled and unruly. Following the tips on their website, such as sectioning hair off and working with smaller chunks when hair is really unruly, will help make your hair-brushing experience even easier.

The Knot Genie is available online through their website for $19.99 or in select salons throughout the US, Canada, and Australia.



Note- I received a complimentary Knot Genie to help me write my review. My opinions are my own and I only recommend products or services that I have used or would use myself.