There are so many incredible blogs out there that I follow, and I thought it would be fun to randomly pick one each week and feature them as my “Random Favorite Blog of the Week.”  There is no method to my random madness, this time I just scrolled down with my eyes closed, stopped at a random moment, and that was the one I chose the one I landed on.

Random Favorite Blog of the Week: My Creative Stirrings


Random Favorite Blog of the Week: My Creative Stirrings This week’s (and the first ever) Random Blog of the Week is My Creative Stirrings. I first fell in love with this blog back in March, when the author posted this amazing post on Alice in Wonderland Party Favors.  I was already following her blog, but this post just totally sealed the deal for me, as I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fanatic. She put together these fantastic goodie boxes for just a few dollars, and shared with her readers how they can create them too. Right before that post, she also shared a spectacular photo-intense post about how to put together an Alice in Wonderland birthday party. Other party posts included an Ice-Skate themed party, a Happy Birthday Peter Rabbit party, and so much more.

Aside from party ideas, she also shares other creative ideas,such as kids activities, party games, and over a dozen Halloween recipes, crafts, and costume ideas. And the recipes, oh my goodness, the recipes! I’m not much of a cook, but I love checking out other people’s recipes, and her dessert ones are just so original and fascinating. I highly recommend checking out the Fruit Pizza Bar with a Chocolate Twist. I can almost guarantee you wont leave her site without finding something to drool over.

If you’re not already following this awesome blog, I highly suggest checking it out and perusing her recipes, crafts, and party ideas. I’m sure you’ll find something to inspire your own creativity.