After Hurricane Irene

Our power went out Sunday night at 6pm, two hours after the wind died down and we thought we were in the clear. While we were sitting without power and trying to read by the last of the light last night, I snapped a picture of the pretty post-Irene sky. You can see bits of blue poking through, something we haven’t seen for days. I still don’t have power, but thanks to an amazing friend, I do have a generator to at least run the essentials. The computer is definitely an essential since I make my living online. I may not be able to flush my toilet (that apparently requires a bigger generator), but I can check on Pretty Opinionated, make sure my posts are going off as scheduled (I was scared I wouldn’t be able to get online at all, so they’re good to go through Saturday), and work on articles for various clients.

Today, before the generator arrived and before I remembered that I could go to McDonald’s and use my son’s cruddy laptop to get online while he ran around happily screaming through the play area (because apparently it is vital that screaming be involved in all play at McDonald’s), I actually wrote three book reviews by hand. Do you know how hard it is to write by hand when you’re used to typing? Thank goodness I went to nursing school and had to learn to read doctors’ handwriting, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to read my own right now!

With so many people without power and some of the roads still closed, my son’s first day of school has been postponed from Monday until at least Wednesday. I say just call it off the rest of the week and let them start after Labor Day like we used to when we were kids. He’s off on Friday already anyway for the holiday. It doesn’t really make sense to make them go for just two days at this point. But then, his school rarely makes sense to me anyway. How is everyone else out there on the East Coast? Do you have power, or are you reading this from some random internet cafe sucking down caffeine like I was all day? Is there flooding in your area? I’m thinking good thoughts for all of those who are stuck in worse situations than I’m in, and hoping that all of this is cleared up soon.  Take care everyone!