The Attitude Girl by Mila Bernadkin

About the book

The Attitude Girl by Mila Bernadkin The Attitude Girl is an inspirational, award-winning novel, written for young adults, ages 15 and up, and their parents. It’s a fictional coming-of age story, but as realistic and true to life as can be. The main character, a seventeen-year-old girl named Victoria Benson, is too outspoken, with a very authentic voice. She says what she thinks and feels, even if it means hurting someone in the process; she always stands by her principals and fights for what she believes in, no matter what it takes. Everyone thinks Vicky has an attitude problem, but to Vicky – it’s everyone else’s problem! It’s not her fault that people can’t handle honesty and the plain truth from someone being mature enough to take off her pink glasses and look at the world with her eyes wide open!

In the beginning of the book, we meet a selfish and materialistic teenage girl, who behaves as if she’s the center of the universe. Vicky lives with her mother, who always makes sure Vicky has everything she needs, and more. Although they were abandoned by Vicky’s father, when she was just a little girl, her mom provides very nicely for a comfortable lifestyle. But life isn’t fair, and Vicky’s mother loses her job. Suddenly, everything changes in a moment! Something else happens, and Vicky is forced to face the past, to struggle with the present, and to worry about the future. Her attitude and idealism get in the way. There are so many problems and issues that Vicky encounters – financial setbacks, illness in the family, bullying of a classmate, to name a few. Along the way, Vicky’s friendship with her best friends is tested; she experiences her first love, and learns how to deal with loss and forgiveness.

Vicky’s attitude is her life vest, keeping her afloat in a sea of complicated relationships and the inevitable emotional turmoil that comes with stepping out of childhood and into adulthood. While struggling to keep her head above water, Vicky learns the meaning of love and friendship and understands the importance of compassion and empathy.

Girls easily identify with Vicky and say, “It’s a story about me and my friends. It’s like seeing myself in a mirror. Finally, someone gets me!” Young readers rejoice knowing that there’s someone––in this case, I, the author––who really understands the difficulties of being a twenty-first century teenager, but they also feel comforted by the resolution presented in the book. On the other hand, adult readers gain better insight into the challenges today’s young adults face. After reading the book, parents better understand that although it’s extremely hard to handle a teenager, it’s not that easy to be one, either.

Educators, mental health professionals and parents alike say, “A book like this is just what we need!” and “This novel isn’t just for girls; it’s for their mothers and grandmothers as well.”

Authors and editors call The Attitude Girl “A wonderful read for the young and the young at heart!” and a “Must-read for moms and daughters of all ages and stages!”

Not only is this a strong recommendation for reading the book, but it’s also an excellent advice: read it together—it’s a great bonding experience!


I encourage you to read The Attitude Girl. You will laugh and cry along with the characters. Follow Vicky and her four best friends on their rocky road to adulthood. Go through their trials and tribulations, feel their growing pains, and see them come of age. In addition, you’ll learn a few good lessons from the characters and receive several important messages from me, the author. If you like drama and emotional conflict, romance and humor, then this book is for you.

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About the author

The Attitude Girl by Mila BernadkinIn my powerful debut novel, The Attitude Girl, a compelling winner of 8 literary awards, I draw on my experience as a teacher, mother and advanced graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature to identify with the tremulous world of confusing emotions and mixed messages of “maturity” today’s teens live in as they feel their way through the process of becoming young adults.

Born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, a beautiful resort city on the Black Sea, I emigrated from the former Soviet Union and came to the United States in 1977. In the USSR, I graduated from the Brest Music College, with a BA-equivalent degree in theory of music and music literature and accepted a teaching position at a children’s music school. After moving to the States, I became a Senior Programmer-Analyst, working at several of the largest financial institutions in New York City. However, medical reasons forced my early retirement, and I realized my life-long dream of becoming a published, award-winning writer.

I reside in Brooklyn, New York, with my daughter, a graduate student at NYU, who is working on her Master’s degree. I love to travel, listen to music and read.