Book Review: Sock ‘n Boots- AdventuresTitle: Sock ‘n Boots: Adventures
Author: DK Smith

I’ve been really into books for Jacob that teach him some sort of valuable lesson lately. Sure, we still read superhero books and what not, but since he’s been having a difficult time listening lately, I’m trying to find more fun characters that in some way say “hey, listen to your parents” or “make good decisions.'” Sock ‘n Boots are great for this. First of all, they’re talking footwear, so the fact that they’re totally different from other characters make them stand out. Second, the language is really simple, so young kids can read it themselves and even younger kids can understand it when it’s read to them.

Sock ‘n Boots: Adventures is a compilation of all three Sock ‘n Boot books. It includes Sock ‘n Boots Share, Sock ‘n Boots Afraid of the Dark, and Sock ‘n Boots Play it Safe. In the book about Sharing, poor Sock loses his picnic lunch and is really sad, until Boots says he’ll share his with him. In Afraid of the Dark, Sock is really afraid when the lights go off, thinking that there are monsters everywhere. But he gets up, checks out the closet and under the bed, realizes it’s safe, and is able to go to sleep. This one was great for us because Jake is pretty scared of the dark. It took me a long time to get him to sleep in his own bed, and I can feel him teetering on the brink of fleeing back to mine almost every night. In Play it Safe, Sock decides it would be fun to play in the washing machine. Of course, that doesn’t go over very well and Boots has to rescue him. Boots definitely seems to be the more reasonable of the two. Sock is a little more on the mischievous side. While I’m not worried about Jake climbing in my top-loader, the message that the book sends is that it’s important to only play in safe places. The back of the book has an 18-page coloring book so kids can recreate different parts of the book.This is a great addition to a preschooler or early school-age child’s library.

You can purchase the 94-page Sock ‘n Boots: Adventures on Createspace for $11. Also, there will be a Sock ‘n Boots app coming soon for iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. The app will allow your children to read the stories, have the stories read to them, and color pictures from the stories.