DVD Review: Danny Phantom Season OneDanny Phantom is one of Jake’s latest favorite shows, but I never really watched more than a few minutes here and there until we got Danny Phantom: Season One on DVD for review from Shout! Factory. I was a little confused, first he’s a boy, then he’s a ghost, then he’s a boy again. Jake explained the details to me (although it sounded more like he was singing the  theme song while doing so), about how Danny went in the machine that his ghost-hunting parents built and turned into a half-ghost, half-boy hybrid.

Danny is assisted by his friends Tucker and Samantha. I love Samantha because she’s pretty much like I was in high school- a goth vegetarian. She’s voiced by the lovely Grey DeLisle, who also voices Daphne in the Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated series and numerous other cartoons and video games. Danny’s dad, Jack, is bent on destroying all ghosts, even Danny Phantom, who apparently he doesn’t recognize as his son. His mom would prefer to slice into him to see what makes him tick rather than outright destroy him, so at least that’s a plus! I haven’t seen episodes beyond Season One, so I’m curious to know if his parents ever figure out who he really is.

I thought the animation style for Danny Phantom was pretty cool. It’s really simple, with background characters remaining kind of static at times, like a newspaper picture or something. Although Danny fights ghosts and other supernatural beasts, none of the episodes are too scary for Jake, which means they’re most likely not too scary for any other kids because Jake is really sensitive to anything “creepy.”

Danny Phantom in Jake’s Words:  “He fights ghosts. My favorite characters is Johnny 13 because he can ride in and out of the ghost zone whenever he wants. My favorite super part is when Danny Phantom fought the kitchen lady, the ghost, she’s nice and then she’s bad. She controls every type of food. Can I go now?”

Yeah, we’re still working on his follow through with helping me write reviews. One important note, there was a previous DVD released titled Danny Phantom- Season 1, but it did not  include all 20 episodes. When Shout! Factory bought the rights to the series, they released the entire first season. The DVD in this review, with all the episodes, was released on Sept. 14th, 2011.

Danny Phantom: Season One is available on Amazon for $27.49.


Note- I received a free copy of Danny Phantom: Season One to help with my review. My opinions are my own.