Mrs. Renfro's Gourmet Salsas ReviewThe magical, mysterious “they” say that every seven years, your taste-buds change. Well, I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I’ve been a picky eater my whole life, and I figure my taste-buds are due for a change right about now, so I’ve gotten a little more adventurous in trying new things. I recently discovered that I actually like salsa. For years, I wouldn’t touch the stuff, but then one day I tried it on a taco, and it was good! So I tried it on some chips, and it was really good! Now I’m a salsa convert, but I’m still pretty picky about it. When I was contacted to review Mrs. Renfro’s Gourmet Salsa, I had to think about it for a minute. Being a picky eater makes me really choosy when it comes to food review opps, because I know that I am not typical of the majority of society, so I worry that I can’t give certain foods fair representation. So I called up my aunt, who is quite the salsa aficionado, and asked what she thought. She said “Oh, Mrs. Renfro’s! We love it!’ and went on to tell me a story about how excited my cousin was to discover it in a local grocery store when they moved back to PA. That was good enough for me, like I said, she knows her salsa.

Mrs. Renfro's Gourmet Salsas ReviewI was able to choose from four different flavors, and it wasn’t easy. I went with the Medium salsa right away because I figured I should have at least one “safe” choice. I know I like corn, so I added the Chipotle Corn Salsa, mostly because I really love saying “chipotle.” I decided to be adventurous with my last two choices and got the Peach Salsa and the Garlic Salsa. It arrived quickly and very well-packaged to avoid any breakage, since they are glass jars. I just had to decide what to use each one for.

Tortilla chips seemed like the natural choice for the Peach Salsa, as I’m not really inventive enough to come up with any other ideas. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, because mixing fruits with vegetables isn’t usually on my agenda. In fact, any time they’re on the same plate together, they must have a bread barrier to prevent them from touching. Yeah, I’m one of those people who is neurotic about certain food touching. If you’re a long-time reader, you already know I’m strange by this point, so nothing should be surprising. Turns out peaches and salsa go pretty great together! The peach taste is barely there, just noticeable enough to be pleasant without making the salsa sickly sweet. The salsa had a pleasant zing to it that I wasn’t expecting, and went beyond all my expectations.

The Medium Salsa went on tacos, and my mom also used it for her chips because she wasn’t adventurous enough to try the Peach Salsa (which I think is strange because she eats weird things, like stuffed cabbage and pickled eggs). I really liked this salsa because it wasn’t overly chunky. I’m okay with some small tomato chunks on my taco’s but I don’t like them to overwhelm the cheesy goodness. My aunt suggested I try some salsa in my eggs, but that’s going to take some working up to. If I ever do become brave enough to give that a try, this would be the right salsa for it. It’s not too spicy and not too bland. Just right.

I’ve only had a chance to quickly taste the other two salsa’s, as I plan to use them in recipes as soon as I remember to actually buy the stuff I need. I really want to try the Roasted Garlic Layered Border Dip because when I tasted the Garlic Salsa, I thought it would go great in a dip, and I’ve been craving the layered dip lately. The Garlic Salsa really has a kick to it. I wish I was brave enough to try the Ghost Pepper Salsa, but I hear that’s extremely hot and not for the wimpy like me. Overall, I was extremely impressed with Mrs. Renfro’s Gourmet Salsa, and considering how picky I am, that’s no easy feat!

Buy It- You can find Mrs. Renfro’s in certain grocery stores or purchase it online directly through their website for just $3.25 per jar.