Before Jacob was born, I used to fantasize about being one of those moms who came up with the most awesome Halloween  costume around every year. Let’s just forget for a moment that I’ve said time and again how little crafting talent I have. In my mind, I was also suddenly going to develop an ability to not only thread my sewing machine, but also master more than just a square pillow. My imaginary child would win awards for the best costume every year, and other parents would  look at me with awe and wonder how I managed to come up with such creative ideas. I was going to be the most rockin’ Halloween mom on the planet! Take that, Miss “Look At Me, I’m A Box of Crayons!” that beat me out every year in middle school because her costume was way cooler than mine!

Then I actually gave birth, and four months later realized I still had zero crafting talent and was no closer to figuring out how to thread that sewing machine. “Fine,” I thought, “I’ll just be the mom that picks the coolest store-bought Halloween costume! He still has a chance to totally take home all the prizes!” I thought I did pretty good the first year. I dressed him up as a chili pepper that said “Hot Stuff.” Just look how incredibly thrilled he was with my selection!

100 0366 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

He was definitely the only chili pepper out Trick or Treating that night. Yes, I took my 4 month old Trick or Treating. Yes, I ate all the candy. The second year, I went for the totally cute Halloween costume versus the totally original. He was a monkey, in case you can’t tell. Again, he was incredibly overjoyed.

102 0898 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

Don't worry, I didn't torture him, he was smiling five seconds later.

After the second year, my firm grasp on the costume selection slowly started to slip away from me. When he was a mere two years old, he got to pick the costume for the first time by pointing to the picture he liked best. As you can see, he was absolutely miserable with his selection and clearly wished that his mommy had been permitted to decide for him.

IMG 2336 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

When he was three and finally talking, every other word out of his mouth had to do with Spiderman. Guess what he was that year? If you guessed the web slinging superhero, you are correct! Watch as my dream for the most original costume slips just a little further from my grasp.

DSC4434 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

Year four- what’s that? You want to be WHAT again? “But Mommy, this time it’s the black Spiderman suit! It’s different!”

IMG 1723 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

Last year, I relinquished all hopes of being “that cool mom with the awesome costume ideas” and finally gave up even trying to have any input into his costume selection. He went as a Clone Trooper. I think the word “clone” is the operative one in that sentence.

100 0774 The Most Original Halloween not in this post

This year, he decided on a Captain America costume (watch for the review next week sometime, we’ve already received it and tried it out), where he’ll hopefully not get lost in a sea of other Captain America’s. So fine, I’m never going to help my child win a prize for the most original Halloween costume. But you know what, I’m finally okay with that. After all, Halloween isn’t really about what I want, is it? At least he still lets me eat his candy!

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