GIANTmicrobes Holiday Stocking Ornament SetOnly two days left until the CouponCabin’s 25 Crazy Dayz of Giveawayz kicks off! I’m getting really excited about it, I can’t wait for one of my lucky readers (new or old) to win some awesome prizes, including the brand-spanking-new Holiday Stocking Ornament Set from GIANTmicrobes. It’s so new, I don’t even think it’s on their site yet!

With these ornaments, your Christmas tree will be the coolest and most original on the block. Salmonella and Dust Mite are decked out in their holiday best to spread cheer along with the sniffles, sneezes, and belly aches. Don’t worry though, they brought along Penicillin to help combat any ailments they may bring (although poor Penicillin doesn’t know that, thanks to his over-use throughout the years, everyone’s become resistant to him). Red Blood Cell knows that without him, not only would you be lost without him, but your tree as well. Then there’s Amoeba, the little single-celled organism that occasionally likes to eat brains, according to PBS.

GIANTmicrobes Holiday Stocking Ornament Set

I can’t wait to hang them on my tree after Thanksgiving. Jacob tried to steal them from me already, but I put my foot down. He already took Flesh Eating Disease and Bone Cell. I told him we are waiting until the tree goes up, then he can have the honor of hanging them. Each one is about two to three inches long (give or take a little, I’m really terrible with measurements). They’re just right for the tree, but won’t weight down your branches at all.

If you’re looking for even more plagues and pestilences to adorn your tree,  GIANTmicrobes also has a really cute Christmas Tree Mini Microbe Box available with Common Cold, Brain Cell, Kissing Disease, E. Coli, and a limited edition Red Amoeba available. I’ll be giving that one away at the end of the month in another giveaway hop, so be sure to check back!

25 Crazy Days Prize Contribution

As mentioned above (for those of you who didn’t skip down to see what awaits you in the giveaway), GIANTmicrobes is giving the winner of my 25 Crazy Dayz giveaway their very own adorable Stocking Ornament Set. Come back on November 1st to enter! If you’re not already doing so, I recommend following GIANTmicrobes on Facebook and Twitter.