Book Review and Giveaway: Scampi the ScallopTitle: Scampi the Scallop
Author: Mi-sA-le Fransen
Publisher: Tate Publishing

Scampi the Scallop is a sweet little children’s book featuring a little scallop who faces a very challenging situation and prevails by remembering wisdom passed on to him by his father. One day, Scampi is chilling on the ocean floor and enjoying a bit of relaxation when all of the sudden he is grabbed by a starfish. Scampi has to think fast to avoid being the multi-armed creatures lunch, and panicking is not an option. Scampi recalls his father’s wise words about what to do in such a situation and escapes the clutches of the starfish.

Who would have thought a story about a scallop could be so engaging and inspirational? I’ll be honest, I really know nothing about these little sea creatures, aside from the fact that they have pretty shells and people eat them.  Scampi the Scallop succeeds in teaching children several lessons- be brave, don’t panic, and listen to your parents because sometimes they really do know what they’re talking about. It’s a short book, about 20 pages long, and only took about five minutes to read at bedtime. It’s about the size and length of Early Readers books.

The illustrations are soothing and beautiful, and invoke warm thoughts of the deep undersea realm. Scampi is simple yet oddly adorable with his 100 eyes and charming little facial expressions. The book is also educational because it introduces children to a sea creature that they may not already know so much about. They’re up on sponges, starfish, squids, and crabs thanks to a particular children’s show, but how often do they hear about scallops. This opens up avenues to talk about other sea creatures as well. The story is well-written with excellent flow, and easy enough for younger school-age children to read on their own.

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