Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray is releasing soon, and I’m participating in the Warner Brothers Word of Mouth Campaign to get the word out. Chuck is one of my favorite shows, so I’m always happy to talk about it. Please note, if you haven’t seen the show or haven’t reached the 4th season yet, this post contains major spoilers, so don’t click on the “click to continue” button if you don’t want to know what happens.

Chuck Versus the Proposal (Spoilers)Chuck spent the majority of the first half of Season 4 trying to device the most romantic and clever method of proposing to Sarah, but it seems like something always got in his way. Finally, during episode 13, “Chuck vs. The Push Mix,” Chuck finally managed to pop the question. Except he didn’t do it in a romantic setting like the French Riviera, he did in the hallway of the hospital where his sister Ellie had just given birth. The proposal was simple, quiet, and sweet. I thought it was perfect and definitely satisfying to long-time Chuck viewers. I think it’s also a great statement about what makes Chuck so great. He always tries to go above and beyond for those he loves, but in the end it’s his simple sweetness and charisma that really shines through.

This episode was originally meant to be the series finale, as Chuck has been on the chopping block so many times, always to get a last-minute reprieve. While it would have made a satisfying series finale, as all the major plot points were neatly wrapped up, I’m really glad that they let the rest of the season play out and Chuck will get a season 5. I’ve never understood why it’ s not more popular. The show has everything- action, adventure, romance, comedy, a little drama. In my opinion, it’s one of the most entertaining and fun-to-watch shows on television.

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Note- I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Chuck: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD/Blu-Ray