Crane Adorable Humidifier ReviewCold and flu season has officially begun, and Jacob seems to be getting more than his fair share of sniffles this year. He rarely gets really sick, and so far he’s just had a bit of congestion, but it’s become an almost constant issue over the last few weeks. I’m so grateful that my Crane Adorable HumidifierCrane Adorable Humidifier Review for review arrived when it did, right during one of Jake’s ickier head colds and chest congestion spells.

I really prefer using a humidifier over medicine whenever possible. First, studies indicate that using cold meds in young children (under 4-6, depending on the source) just doesn’t work and can cause serious side effects. Jake turned six a few months ago,  and I can tell you from experience, most children’s cold medicines had no effect on him whatsoever. Second, Jake hates taking medicine. Even though he’s finally reached a point where more of it seems to work on him, getting him to take it is a nightmare. Third, even if I can get him to take it, I prefer a more natural approach to treatment when possible. Adding moisture to the room can help loosen up both nasal and chest congestion, allowing your child (or you) to breathe easier.

Crane Adorable Humidifier Features and Benefits

  • It’s definitely adorable! Jake requested the dog (of course), and when he’s feeling miserable he asks me to turn on his puppy.
  • It’s whisper quiet, and not loud stage-whisper quiet, but actually closer to almost completely silent.
  • It uses cool mist to humidify the room. Medline Plus recommends only using cool mist humidifiers, especially around children.
  • A single tank can run up to 24 hours, and each humidifier works in rooms up to 250 square feet.
  • The Adorable line features 11 different super cute animals as well as Spongebob and Hello Kitty.
  • The humidifier is really easy to put together and use, and has several different settings so you can achieve just the right level of moisture in your room.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Crane Adorable Humidifier. It works fantastic, doesn’t keep Jake up with noise, and doesn’t require a lot of effort to set up or use.

Crane Adorable Humidifier Review