Spotlight on Enviro-LogsIn the Poconos, Fall means the start of cold weather. Time to put on the long-sleeves during the day, and the parka’s at night. It’s also time to start turning on the heat, or, in our case, starting up the wood stove. We moved into a house with one last year and started using it to cut back on the heating bill. It works fantastic. We save about $100 a month by using it.

I live with my mom. It’s just me, her, and Jacob. We’re both pretty good at the single parenting thing (she raised me and my brother alone), but when it comes to things like starting fires, we’re not exactly going to win any awards. My mom is much better at it than me, I barely even know how to open the door on the wood stove, let alone poke around with flaming objects to get it going.

One thing that we’ve found beneficial (and by we, I of course mean my mom, I just like to pretend I have some role in all of this fire-starting fun) is using  Enviro-Logs to get the fire going. Once it’s lit, we also use them to keep it going. My mom likes them because they’re easy to use. I like them because they don’t smell nasty and they’re good for the environment because they’re made of recycled cardboard.

Key Benefits of Enviro-Logs

  • They can be used for camping, cooking, and heating your home, and are compatible with all wood-burning appliances.
  • They generate more energy per pound than other brands of a similar nature.
  • They can be stored outside like regular wood because they are weather-resistant, yet they are also easy to stack in your garage or basement without tumbling over.
  • They typically produce less smoke and less emissions than regular wood.
  • They are made from 100% recycled waxed cardboard, which helps reduce some of the overflow in our landfills.

Spotlight on Enviro-Logs

I’m a big fan of anything that makes any aspect of my life easier, especially when it comes to things I really don’t enjoy (like laundry, cleaning in general, or starting fires). Enviro-Logs definitely make my life easier (or my mom’s, but eventually I’m going to have to learn how to light that wood stove).

Harvest Halloween Giveaway Contribution

Enviro-Logs is offering the winner of my Harvest Halloween giveaway a 6-pack of 3lb logs.  Even if you don’t have a fireplace or wood stove, these are awesome for a Harvest Festival or Halloween fire pit in your back yard (a friend of mine does one every year, it’s really fun!). The Harvest Halloween Giveaway Hop begins on October 14th, but if you would like to get a head start on your entries, follow Enviro-Logs on Facebook.