Need to entertain your child while waiting in a doctor’s office or sitting in traffic? Well, if you have an Android-based smartphone, like the new Samsung Galaxy S2, you can download a number of free apps that help. Here are a few to consider:

Angry Birds

This is an extremely popular app that allows players to send angry birds to destroy fortresses created by egg-thieving pigs (literally). The only problem with this one is that you may have a hard time getting your phone back from little hands.

AniWorld Lite

Kids apps can also be educational as this one proves. It’ helps preschoolers learn the names of various animals and includes a “pet me” feature that makes the app fun to keep them using it.

Basketball Shot

This is a great app for your young sports enthusiast who can practice shooting hoops much like he or she might in an arcade where the goal is to sink as many balls as possible in the time allotted.

Bubble Blast 2

This app offers over 200 levels where players burst bubbles in order to clear the screen. Features cute animation and is especially popular with kids who enjoy puzzles.

Bubble Snap

Designed for infants, this game is as much fun for older kids who enjoy popping bubble wrap. The child simply touches the screen to pop the bubbles and it sounds just like the real thing.

Kids Paint

If your child enjoys artwork, this app lets her express her creativity by using her finger to draw lines, color designs, add shading and more. Then, like an Etch-A-Sketch, she can clear the app by shaking the phone to give her a clear canvas for another picture.

Talking Tom Cat

This app features a n animated cat who repeats whatever your child says in a variety of funny voices. Kids can also play by patting Tom’s head and making him purr, or stroking his tummy and making him act silly.

These are only a few of the thousands of possible Android apps for kids. Give them a try and you may be surprised at how quickly your next bout of waiting seems to go.