Baby Dipper SpotlightSome of the coolest inventions are made by moms who need a solution to a particular problem and can’t find one already on the market, so they just make it themselves. I am in awe of them, because I would never have the ingenuity or patience to design my own solution. One of those awesome women is Barbara Schantz, inventor of the Baby Dipper and mom to two sets of twins. When Barbara wanted an easier, one-handed way of feeding her twins, she scoured the stores looking for a good solution, but none of them really impressed her, so she created her own solution.

The Baby Dipper features a non-slip bottom, a sloped interior and a spoon-shaped collection point.  The vertical sides are transparent, so you can see exactly how much food is left in the dish. All of these elements combined together make it very easy for you to feed your baby with just one hand, leaving your other hand free to feed another baby, hold a toy to keep your child focuses and entertained, or whatever else you need to do with it. The bowl is also great for toddlers just learning to feed themselves.

Baby Dipper SpotlightThe Baby Dipper recently became available in pink… but not just any pink. Barbara, inspired by her aunt’s battle with triple-negative breast cancer (which is thankfully in remission right now) and her mom’s visit to get a mammogram, requested that the shade of pink come directly from the same pink bottle given out at her mom’s mammogram check-up. She sent a photo of the cup’s lid to the manufacturer to ensure that they got just the right shade of pink.

In Honor of the Ta Ta’s Prize Contribution

Along with the other prizes in the giveaway, the winner of my giveaway will receive a pink Baby Dipper feeding set, valued at $12.99. If you would like to get a head start on your entries, follow Baby Dipper on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up for the newsletter. Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to enter the giveaway!