Spotlight On Healing WellToday’s “In Honor of the Ta Ta’s” Sponsor spotlight goes to the soothing, relaxing Healing Well CD and it’s creators, Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold. The duo has worked together on several guided imagery CD’s designed for everything from helping you overcome insomnia to improving your golf game in their Live Well Series. Their Healing Well CD provides guided imagery to help those undergoing traditional cancer therapies, but it is also beneficial to anyone with any type of illness. In fact, it works so well that I used it just to help me fall asleep (even though they have a CD specifically for that).

I see a therapist for my anxiety disorder, and she explained to me that I happen to have a very high anxiety baseline, which means I’m almost always keyed up. I think it’s her nice way of calling me “high-strung.” I don’t even relax in my dreams! I’m a lucid dreamer during about 50 percent of my dreams (or at least the ones I can recall), so I tend to mess with my dreams, altering this and that instead of letting them play out as they will. I used the Healing Well CD to try to calm my constantly raging mind before bedtime, when it seems to be the most active, and it really did help.

Janet Montgomery is a Certified Hypnotherapist with a voice that invokes calm thoughts as soon as you hear her begin speaking. She sends the listener off to a happy place where pain and troubles cease to exist, allowing them to get through uncomfortable procedures with less pain and anxiety. Although hypnosis still has a bit of a reputation as being a parlor tricks, numerous studies have determined that it can actually be very beneficial at decreasing the level of pain, anxiety, and stress that a cancer patient (or anyone for that matter) feels. It makes perfect sense, as we all know there is a strong connection between the mind and the body.

Jeff Gold’s soothing musical compositions play in the background throughout Janet’s guided imagery lessons, adding to the overall peacefulness of the CD. His melodic pieces are the perfect accompaniment to Janet’s voice, bringing to life the visions she is trying to invoke. According to his bio, Jeff plays the piano and guitar, and uses computers to create the sounds of the other instruments heard on the Live Well CDs.

In Honor of the Ta Ta’s Prize Contribution

The winner of my giveaway will receive their own copy of the Healing Well CD, which retails for $29.99 on their website. If you would like to start on your extra entries, follow Jeff Gold on Facebook and on Twitter. Both options will be included on the entry form when the giveaway goes live on Thursday.