Fear is fascinating, especially to someone like me who spends the majority of her life in a constant state of “fight or flight.” This infographic from Sortable really covers all the bases, from what happens when we’re scared to what situations or things really get people’s hearts racing. Apparently a lot of people are afraid of flying. Oddly, that’s one of the things I’m not scared of. I am claustrophobic though, and needles really freak me out. I’m surprised clowns didn’t make the list of common fears. I mean, that HAS to be a normal phobia, right? Who could possibly not find clowns creepy? I find it crazy that more people are scared of cute little furry dogs than they are of grown men and women who paint on a fake grin, throw on a giant red nose, and wear over-sized shoes. Think about it, how many movies do you know of with really evil dogs? Cujo doesn’t count, it’s not his fault he got rabies. Now how many movies are there with evil clowns? I didn’t sleep right for years after seeing It.

I hope you enjoyed this Anatomy of Fear Inforgraphic as much as I did!

Sortable Anatomy of Fear Infographic