Uncle Milton’s “In My Room” Toys Review

I’ve been a fan of Uncle Milton’s Toys since I got Jake the Star Wars Jedi Telescope last year for Christmas, so I contacted them about reviewing their products and was ecstatic when they said yes. I totally lucked out and got three awesome “In My Room” toys to try. If you haven’t heard of them before, this line of toys brings the wonders of nature and other outdoor events right into your child’s room. They are all really simple to use and would make a great addition to your holiday shopping list. Please pardon my lack of personal images, I couldn’t capture the full effects with my consumer-grade camera.

Fireworks in My Room
Uncle Milton’s “In My Room” Toys ReviewFireworks Light Show in My Room, one of Uncle Milton’s Toys’ newest offerings, brings the awe and wonder of an outdoor fireworks display indoors, so your child can enjoy them anytime of the year. Jake absolutely loves this toy and we’ve added “enjoy the fireworks” to our bedtime routine. Like most of Uncle Milton’s Toys, the concept is really simple, but the enjoyment factor is astronomical. The handheld fireworks launcher “shoots” brilliant light displays onto the ceiling or walls, and the sound effects add a sense of realism.

Uncle Milton’s “In My Room” Toys ReviewJake and I both have our favorites. I love the pretty jewel-tone purple and blue lights, while Jake is a huge fan of the orange fireworks. The launcher is extremely easy to use, even for small hands. Just pump it up, pull the trigger, and enjoy! The fireworks burst onto the ceiling and expand, accompanied by realistic (but not overwhelmingly loud) sound effects, complete with the sizzling sound at the end. We are having so much fun watching fireworks together every night. While I recommend using Fireworks Light Show In My Room in a pitch-black room to get the full effect, we have used it with Jake’s nightlight on and it still works great.


Moon in My Room

Uncle Milton’s “In My Room” Toys ReviewMoon in My Room is one of the most educational night-lights out there, in my opinion. It combines adjustable lighting with an authentic “moon” experience, complete with accurate topography, displaying 12 of the moon’s major phases from waxing to waning. Using the included remote control, you can change the setting manually or allow it to cycle through the phases through the program. The moon automatically shuts off to preserve the batteries. Jake loves cycling through the phases, but leaves it on a full moon setting when it’s time for bed. Prior to receiving this, Jake refused to go to sleep unless both his nightlight and his regular room light were turned on. He has one of those lamps with five bulbs, and the lowest setting is two bulbs, so his room was always really bright. When he got the Moon in My Room, he decided that he would rather just have that on, which is a miracle considering how scared he is of the dark. I do have one important suggestion- either designate a specific spot for the remote or hide it out of reach of your child. We’ve lost it about 5 times already because Jake insists on keeping it under his pillow. If you do lose it entirely, you can purchase a replacement. Moon in My Room is really easy to hang up and unlike the real moon, it’s pretty light, so you won’t need to break out the heavy-duty nails.

Rainbow in My Room

Uncle Milton’s “In My Room” Toys ReviewI enlisted the help of Jake’s best friend in reviewing Rainbow in My Room because I really wanted a little girl’s point of view on this one.  She loved it and said it was awesome and very pretty. Like Jacob, she’s a girl of few words when asked a direct question.  Just push the button and the rainbow projects across the surface of your walls and ceiling.  Like the other two In My Room toys, this works best in total darkness,  but according to my little guest reviewer, it will show up in a slightly dark room. This also makes a great night-light, and comes with a jack for an optional AC-adapter, which you need to buy separately. The design of the base makes it easy to position it just about anywhere, so you could easily set it up on your child’s nightstand.

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