Both Jake and I have adored LeapFrog educational toys since he was old enough to sit up and bang on the little Learn and Groove table (the version that was out in 2006), so when we were chosen to host a LeapFrog “Learn, Create, and Share” party through Mom Select, we were both pretty much over the moon with excitement. I love how LeapFrog flawlessly combines learning and fun, while Jake pretty much just loves the fun part (he loves learning too, but let’s face it, if it’s not fun, he doesn’t want to do it.
LeapFrog sent us an amazing party package filled with LeapPad and Tag products. Check it out below. It included: A LeapPad Explorer, a Tag Reading System, an Interactive World Map, a Learn To Read Series 1 for the Tag, a LeapFrog App Center Download Card and a LeapSchool Reading Cartridge Game. Awesome, right?

100 1620 We Had a LeapFrog "Learn, Create, and Share" Party!


While all of the goodies were a huge hit with the kids, the LeapPad and the Interactive Map were definitely the overall favorites. The LeapPad came preloaded with Disney Pixar’s Cars 2 Ultra eBook, and the kids went nuts for that of course. After we checked out the pre-loaded goodies, we connected the LeapPad to the computer and downloaded a few others with the $20 App card. While I expected the kids to want character-based games like Scooby Doo (which we did download), the most popular among them was a simple game called “Sugar Bugs.” You can check out the mini-version of the game at LeapFrog/Gaming. In the game, your child has to use various dental instruments to remove the sugar bugs, germs, and other icky stuff from a mouth. So simple, yet so much fun. Yes, I admit, I’m just as into it as the kids were.

100 1725 We Had a LeapFrog "Learn, Create, and Share" Party!


The Interactive World Map for the Tag Reading System was the other huge hit of the day. I apologize for the stock photo, I tried to take a picture of it for you, but it’s too big and I’m too short, so it came out blurry.

tag sw worldmap a 00 s6 29201 We Had a LeapFrog "Learn, Create, and Share" Party!

Using the Tag pen, kids can explore the map by touching different countries or graphics, or they can play games like Map Racer, where they have to find as many countries as possible before time runs out. I am secretly in love with this game and have played it when no one is around probably a few dozen times. There are three levels, and I’m ashamed to say that Level 3 is kicking my butt.  Jake and his friends really like the Mystery country scavenger hunt game, where they tap all over and the pen tells them if they are really close or really far. I’m definitely getting Jake the US Map for Christmas, as I think that will be just as fun and he really needs to learn his states.

The party was a ton of fun and everything was such a hit. One thing I want to add though- I would recommend using rechargeable batteries for the LeapPad because it goes through them pretty fast. Since the party, we’ve already had to change them twice. But then again, Jake plays with the LeapPad a lot.  The Tag pen, on the other hand, is great on batteries, we haven’t changed them at all.

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