Chuck and The Ring BearerBig Mike, Chuck and Morgan’s former boss at the BuyMore, is one of my favorite supporting characters on he show. He’s a funny guy who takes his role as manager seriously, but still allows his employees to be themselves (even when they’re as whacky as Jeff and Lester). In Chuck Season 4, Big Mike comes back from a trip out to sea and realizes that Morgan’s mom is the source of his happiness. He tells Morgan that he intends to propose, and Morgan, who is now manager of the Buy More, hires him. Big Mike entrusts Morgan with the proposal ring until Morgan judges him “worthy of his mother’s love.” The question of the week is: How would you have handled this situation? Would you have given Big Mike your blessing?

I think Big Mike is awesome, and he clearly has both Morgan and his mom’s best interests at heart. If I was Morgan, I would have given him my blessing on the spot. The fact that he was willing to consider Morgan’s feelings and role as the man in his mother’s life shows that Big Mike can be a good father as well as a good husband. I also think the way Big Mike handled the fact that his future step-son is now his boss was really commendable. Now, if Big Mike was a complete jerk or something, that would be a totally different story.

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