DVD Review: The Voyages of Young Dr. DoolittleWhen I was little, I used to love the Dr. Doolittle show that was on TV. I think it was really old (I know it was in repeats), but I loved the whole idea of talking to animals. Even now that I’m older, I often talk to my cats and dogs, and imagine them talking back to me, each with their own specific voice. The cats, of course, all sound like royalty, because they act like they’re above everyone else in the house. Jacob also likes the whole idea of talking to the animals. Stage 4 Films just released a really cute version of Dr. Doolittle for younger kids, called The Voyage of Young Dr. Doolittle. The movie features the voice talents of Tim Curry, Jane Seymour, and Jason Alexander (better known as George Costanza). To be honest, Tim Curry has freaked me out ever since he played Pennywise the Clown in Stephen King’s “It,” and his appearance on Criminal Minds didn’t exactly inspire less fear, but as a voice talent he’s pretty much the best of the best.

The Voyage of Young Dr. Doolittle tells the story of John Little, the nephew of the famous Dr. Doolitle. John loves animals just as much as his uncle does, so when he hears that animals are in danger, he knows he has to do something. He jumps in his uncle’s submarine and heads off to Doolittle Island. On the island, he discovers that Ramsey the Ram and his less than savory band of gorillas have taken over and are terrorizing the other animals. John and his new friends do everything they can to save the day, and since it’s a kid movie, of course they succeed.

I’ll admit, I personally had a hard time getting into this one. It’s really cute, but it just wasn’t my thing. Jacob, on the other hand, has watched it three times already. Since he’s the one that the movie was made for, I’d say that’s a pretty good recommendation from him. The animation looks great, and the animals are really colorful and fun. I do love the voice talent, especially Jason Alexander, although as I said, anything with Tim Curry tends to freak me out. Take that as a compliment, Mr. Curry, as it’s just a testament to how well you play your characters! Jacob would recommend this movie to both boys and girls in his general age group. I’d say it’s good for those around age 3 and up.


Note- I received a free copy of this movie. Both my and Jacob’s opinions are our own.