Genesis 950 All Purpose Cleaner ReviewAbout a month after we moved into our rental house, Jacob spilled a whole bottle of glue on his bedroom carpet. I wasn’t really all that concerned because it said “water soluble” right on the front. I figured I’d dab up what I could, spray some water on it, dab a little more, and it would be good as new. Wrong! I dabbed, spritzes, doused, scrubbed, dabbed some more, over and over until I was still left with a hard, crusty mess. I tried a whole bunch of other cleaners over the months that followed, and while many performed spectacularly elsewhere in the house, nothing got that supposedly easy-to-clean glue off the carpet.

When a rep at Amerikal asked me if I wanted to review their Genesis 950 Concentrated cleaner, the first thing I asked was “does it get glue out?”  They weren’t sure, as no one had asked that before, so I said I’d let them know what I found out. As it turns out, yes, it does get glue out! After months of trying various methods, I used the Genesis 950, and with a little scrubbing (or as my mom called it, good old-fashioned elbow grease), the glue was completely gone.

Genesis 950 can be used on a variety of different surfaces to remove many different types of stains. Use it on the carpet to get rid of pet stains, or on your grill to break down grease and grime. You can soak heavily soiled towels in the solution in your washing machine, spray it on ink stains and let it sit for a few minutes, and so much more. You can even use it in your steam cleaner.

The best part about Genesis 950 is that it accomplishes all the cleaning tasks without polluting your home or the environment. It’s completely non-toxic and free of bleach, alcohol, and ammonia. The scent is not at all over-powering, and it vanishes quickly after using the product.  It’s also reasonably priced. A quart of the concentrated formula costs $21.75 including shipping. For most cleaning needs, you’ll need to mix one part Genesis 950 with 7 parts water, so one quart actually makes two gallons (or about 256 ounces) of the product.

The average household cleaner spray bottle contains about 27 ounces, and a quart of Genesis 950 is equal to a little over 9 of those (I used a calculator, I can’t do that kind of math in my head). So basically, it’s like getting 9 bottles of cleaner for $21.75, which comes out to about $2.41 per bottle. Math is not my strong suit, so if someone discovers an error in my calculations, feel free to tell me. I did check it twice though. I think that’s pretty good for a product that actually works really well and doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients.