Book Review: Earth Angel (Fallen Angels Saga Book #2)Title: Earth Angel (Fallen Angels Saga)
Author: E. Van Lowe
Release Date: Dec. 6, 2011

After defeating the Devil himself in Boyfriend from Hell, you’d think life would be pretty easy for Megan Barnett. I mean, once you’ve kicked the biggest of the “big bads” back to his fiery realm, you can pretty much take on anything, right? In Earth Angel, Megan does have it pretty good after that, at least for a while. She’s got an angelic new boyfriend and an awesome new best friend that totally gets her. Life is relatively normal, and after almost becoming the bride of Satan, that’s just what Megan needs.Of course, the book would have no plot if Megan’s life stayed all sugar and roses, so you know that’s not going to last long!

When Megan went up against Satan, she used a spell from a book that no one is supposed to have. A book that no one is even certain exists. She held on to that book after the deed was done, and that made her a target for some pretty nasty Nasties from both sides of Heaven and Hell. That alone would be enough to wreck any girl’s happily ever after, but to make matters even worse, Megan’s angel-in-exile boyfriend is keeping secrets from her about a particularly beautiful female angel, and a rather cute little demon keeps showing up claiming he’s trying to help her stop Lucifer (who is not the devil, I was really confused about this because I don’t know my demonology, I thought the Devil, Lucifer, and Beelzebub were all the same guy). Oh, and Megan may or may not have received a few paranormal powers of her own during her battle with Satan. Egads! And I thought MY life was complicated!

Earth Angel¬† was just as fun to read as The Boyfriend From Hell. It’s a little more low-key than the first book, as the “big bad” is more of a mystery until closer to the end and Megan doesn’t get into nearly as many sticky situations as she did when battling the devil and her mom’s new dating life. It’s the perfect second book in a series, especially with the major cliff-hanger at the end. Megan is such a great character. Aside from the whole beating up the devil thing, she’s basically a very normal, down-to-earth girl. E. Van Lowe does a great job of capturing teenage angst, dating woes, and parental issues without over-doing it. I’m really looking forward to seeing where the series goes next, as there will be at least one more book.


Note- I received a free e-book copy of Earth Angel. My opinions, as always, are my own.