Is Clinical Skin Care Products ReviewI think by now we all know how much I love trying out new skin care products, especially ones that can help diminish those dark circles under my eyes and smooth out any uneven rough spots that seem to be popping up as I get older. I recently had the chance to try out two really great Is Clinical products. I received the Is Clinical Youth Eye Complex and the Is Clinical Active Serum.

My favorite is definitely the Youth Eye Complex. It goes on smooth and blends in easily. Right away, my dark circles looked less prominent and the whole under-eye area was less puffy. The Youth Eye Complex is made with “intelligent proteins,” and is designed to combat the signs of aging. It also helps keep the under-eye skin firmer and more elastic, so it improves issues over time as well as immediately.

The Is Clinical Active Serum took me a little longer to get used to. The first time I used it, it tingled a lot and I ended up washing it out because I thought I was having a reaction. Since I was going out for the first time in ages less than two hours later, I was afraid I’d end up with red skin. Well, I tried it again on a day that I didn’t have to worry about looking good, and the initial tingle goes away pretty fast. After that, it has a cooling sensation, but it’s not at all unpleasant. Like the Eye Complex, the Active Serum is designed to work both right away and over time. Right away, I did notice that my pores were slightly smaller and my overall skin tone was more uniform. I’ve only used it a few times, so I can’t attest to long-term effects. The combination of salicylic and kojic acids help reduce visible signs of aging, and also help minimize acne.