So long, 2011! Bring on 2012!Happy New Years Eve everyone!! Does anyone have any exciting plans? For the first time in a while, I’ll actually have someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight, so I’m pretty excited. We were going to hit a party and possibly get smashed, but decided to spend the evening at my house with his kids, my son, and my mom. I’m looking forward to it. We’ll have non-hangover-inducing fun and I won’t spend the entire 1st day of the New Year feeling like someone ran over me with a tractor trailer. Can’t beat that!

2011 was an interesting year for me. I started Pretty Opinionated on January 13th, and most of the year was spent pouring all my efforts into making it a success. I also spent hours upon hours working on freelance writing gigs, so basically my butt rarely left my computer chair. This, of course, was not good for the overall size of said butt! In 2012, I plan to get said butt (and abs, thighs, arms, etc and so on) into shape so I can look smokin’ hot in the bridesmaid dress that I’ll be wearing in September. Expect to hear a lot about that over the next year, because I’ll be reviewing some great tools to help you lose weight and sharing a bit of my journey with you (although I won’t be sharing creepy before pictures of me in a bikini, because believe me, no one wants to see that!).

For me, the best part of 2011 came at the end. I met a guy and got a life! I realized that while spending 8 hours a day online is totally reasonable considering my full-time job exists solely on the internet, spending every waking hour in front of a computer is neither conducive to good health or my sanity. I’ve pretty much become a recluse over the past few years and totally lacked balance. I think I’ve finally found that balance, and I’m really excited to see how it improves my overall outlook on life and my writing style (I think I was starting to get a little stagnant, to be totally honest).

I won’t keep you from your festivities any longer. I’m not even sure how many of my awesome readers are checking in today, I’m sure you all have exciting plans. Have a safe and Happy New Years Eve! If you are drinking, don’t forget your designated driver or cab fare, drink a big glass of water before you go out to help avoid dehydration, and don’t leave your drink unsupervised (I speak from experience here).  That’s it for my PSA. Have fun!!