Thomas The Tank Engine Ride on Toy- A Dream Toy For Any Thomas Fan!Thomas the Tank Engine has been a favorite in our family for a long, long time. I remember watching my cousin when he was three and he used to chuck those die-cast toys at me when he was mad. They hurt! Okay, he only did that once, generally he was a little angel. Now he’s a hardcore, ooh-rah Marine, all grown up and training to take down bad guys all over the world. Years later, I babysat a five-year-old who was all about Thomas, then six years after that, I had my own little Thomas fan. Now, my godson is a major fan, so I’ve pretty much been around the charming little train for more than half my life at this point.

For those who aren’t in the know, Thomas the Tank Engine is a steam locomotive created by Reverend Wilbert Awdry in the Railway Series books. He first appeared way back in 1946, and became an instant hit. In 1979, he became a TV series, and has been chugging along ever since. So Thomas really is a timeless little locomotive! He and his friends face many challenges, but always seem to come out on top, making Thomas the Tank Engine a great educational show that teaches children about values, teamwork, and perseverance.

In all the years that I’ve been exposed to the little tank engine, I don’t think I’ve seen a Thomas toy quite as awesome as this Thomas the Tank Engine Ride On Toy. He’s 20-inches high, 34-inches long, and 18-inches wide, making him just the right size for kids ages 3-6. Best of all, he’s an authentic replication of the famous tank engine, so kids can really get the experience of riding in the real Thomas. He’s got a cushy seat and three-position pedals to provide a luxury ride that, quite frankly, makes me a little jealous. Where were these awesome toys when I was little? All I had was a rocking horse!

Thomas has real, working wheels, so your child can pedal all around the house or the driveway and pretend he’s out on the Railway. The fact that you can adjust the pedals in three different positions means that the Thomas The Tank Engine Ride On Toy can grow with your child, which makes it worth the money in my opinion. I’d rather spend $349 on something that can last for at least three years than keep getting different ride-on toys every year, since kids grow so fast!



Thomas The Tank Engine Ride on Toy- A Dream Toy For Any Thomas Fan!