I keep saying I don’t do resolutions, yet keep coming up with new goals for 2012. Lose weight, stop being neurotic (HA! Like that’ll happen!), write a book, blah blah blah. Can we just call them Perhapsolutions? That’s much less stressful. In any case, whatever we call them, I have set up goals for myself pertaining to Pretty Opinionated. Some are reasonable, some may be a little off-the-wall, but they’re my goals. In no particular order, they are:

  • Network, network, network. I think I’ve been doing okay with this one, considering how shy I was a year ago, but I still could improve significantly. I will attend more twitter parties and basically learn to like twitter a little more in general (it still goes to fast for me!). I’ll also figure out Google+ and learn to use that to its fullest potential. I’ll be more involved in the awesome groups to which I already belong, and not be so nervous about adding comments for fear that I’ll sound like a dork (I’m still shy!).
  • Pitch more, and aim high. I will pitch more companies that I want to work with, and not hold back just because I think they’re too big for me. At worst, they say no or ignore me completely. At best, I get to work with really awesome companies.
  • Get a prettier button. I made my button myself, and I think you can tell I have no graphic talents. I really want something cute, but I have no idea what that is. Plus, I don’t really have the spare cash to pay someone to make it for me. But it’s on the list of things to do!
  • Get a better camera, and learn to take better pictures.Eventually I’ll get a better camera and learn how to take better pictures for the blog. While I like to think my “average person” photos are charming, I know they’re not as awesome as those who actually know what they’re doing with a camera. I’m not saying I want to be all Ansel Adams here or anything, but I’d like to at least not have shadows or weird light on everything I take.
  • Take over the Internet. Become as god-like as Google and take over the whole darn thing. Mwaa ha ha ha ha!! Okay, this is the off-the-wall one, I’m totally kidding. I can barely manage my own site and life, let alone the entire world wide web!