I’m not generally a jewelry person, except when it comes to pieces inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I’ve always wanted an Alice charm bracelet, but never quite found the one I wanted when I had the money, or didn’t have the money when I found the one I wanted. I’ve also always wanted a tattoo, but the whole idea of getting pricked with needles repeatedly for hours on end really freaks me out. I’m pretty much a complete sissy when it comes to pain. Seriously, I scream and howl when I so much as get a hang nail! I always figured that if I did try to get a tattoo, I’d basically end up with a dot for the rest of my life, because once the needle hits, I’m out of there. I could tell everyone that it’s a period at the end of the sentence, because I’m a writer and all!

Pinterest changed servers or something and broke every link in my Pinterest posts. I’m working on getting all the pins back up. In the meantime, check out my Alice in Wonderland board!