Glacier Soap: A Purely Natural Experience for Your SkinWhile I am a huge fan of smell-good lotions, body washes, and soaps, there are times when less is definitely better. Like when I’m shaving my legs and wind up with all those little, miniscule nicks that you don’t see until they’re in stinging pain from your awesome scented lotion, or when my hands are particularly dry and washing them with the antibacterial soap makes them even more dry and chapped. For those with really sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema, less is pretty much always better.

The natural, handmade products from Glacier Soap follow the “less is more” philosophy. Each product, from their bar soap to their moisturizing cream is made from only natural ingredients, and only those that are necessary to get the job done right. I received the bar soap, liquid soap, and moisturizer for review. The bar soap contains rich, moisturizing ingredients such as olive oil and cocoa butter, along with calendula to help soothe irritated skin. It is gentle enough to use on your whole body, including your face.

The moisturizing cream contains no fragrance or artificial preservatives, and is also infused with calendula, so it’s perfect for after shaving or severely dry winter skin. One nice thing about the fact that it has no fragrance is that I can use it on days that I plan to wear certain types of perfume or body spray and it doesn’t clash the way my scented lotion would. Jacob uses the foaming liquid soap as his hand soap. He has a major addiction to foaming soap, and I don’t want him to over-use the other stuff because it will dry out his little hands.

I really like the story behind Glacier Soap. The company was started by a dad, Scott Pitt, who wanted to find a good, natural way to help his daughter, Laura, who has eczema. Scott, who always believed in the power of nature, did his research and found the many commercial soaps were making things worse for Laura. He did more research and developed his own line of skincare products that would help her. I think the fact that he developed Glacier Soap for his daughter means he definitely put the utmost care into it, and to me that just makes the company all the more trustworthy.

You can purchase Glacier Soap online through their store, or at select retailers throughout Canada.