Treasure Buddies, the latest movie in the Disney series, will be releasing on January 31st, 2012. Jacob is a huge fan of the Buddies. We even have the giant Butterball stuffed animal that I got him with Disney Rewards points. Butterball stands guard over Jake’s bed every night. While you’re waiting for the release of Treasure Buddies, enjoy this cool slide-show in honor of Dress Up Your Pet day.

Hmmm, I wonder if my dogs would be game for a little dress-up fun? When Maia was a puppy, she used to let us put clothes on her. She’s ten now, though, and her tolerance for nonsense has gone down. We do put hats on her occasionally, but that’s about it. Tasha freaks if she thinks you’re even thinking about dressing her up, she is way too dignified for that. That leaves Cooper, and he just gave me a dirty look when I asked if I could dress him up (I am convinced my dogs understand every word I say to them, they just lack the proper vocal cords to respond properly). Maybe I’ll leave dress-up fun to the Buddies for now.