Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga DVD ReviewI mentioned in a preview review how I was trying to get back into yoga after a long (too long) hiatus. Years ago, when I used to do it regularly, it really helped get me into shape, and I was getting pretty limber! Now, I’m so far out of practice that I can barely do Downward Facing Dog without falling flat on my face. I started out with a yoga DVD that was a little too advanced for me and ended up feeling like I was failing. I put that one aside for later and pulled out Seane Corn Detox Flow Yoga from Gaiam instead. This one was a lot easier, as it’s more about getting your body and mind in tune than burning calories.

The poses on Detox Flow Yoga are designed to help eliminate stress and other barriers to the free flow of energy throughout your body. Each pose is carefully demonstrated and explained, so I wasn’t totally lost on the ones I didn’t know. For the most part, the majority of the poses were easy to mildly challenging. Examples include Sun Salutations (which I actually know how to do, yay me!), Twisting Triangles, and of course, Downward Facing Dog. No yoga video is complete without that one.

The DVD contains two complete workouts. “Twist and Flow” will have your bending, twisting and stretching to help build your strength, release toxins, and increase your overall circulation. The“Purify” workout is a little more challenging and helps you burn calories and increasing flexibility while still focusing on reducing stress and tension. There is also a bonus 10-minute “Core Energy” workout for strengthening and tone your core muscles that you can download. I didn’t download it yet because my computer is in my dining room area, and it’s not really conducive to a good yoga workout.

I would recommend Sean Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga DVD to anyone who wants to ease back into a yoga routine after years away, or to newbies who aren’t quite ready for more intense workouts. It definitely left me feeling more relaxed yet energized at the same time, and I plan to keep using this one even once I feel ready to move on to more difficult poses.


Seane Corn’s Detox Flow Yoga DVD Review