Wuggle Pets Review- Great Valentine's Day Gift for Kids!Like most toys on television, Jake has the Wuggle Pets commercial memorized and sings it randomly throughout the day. He’s been asking for them, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure how well they’d work. I’ve been burned before with “make your own” stuff in general, so I held off for a while. Then I got the chance to review them, and figured this would be the perfect way to see how well the Wuggle Pets maker performs. Guess what? It works! Like actually works the way it does on television!

The little “factory” is really easy to set up, as it comes already assembled (yay!). Just take the top off, stuff the fluff inside, put the little plunger thingy in, and screw the top back on. Once you do that, you put your unstuffed pet on the end, hold it in place, and turn the crank. In the directions, they tell you to put the sparkly confetti stuff in after the fluff, but I recommend putting in a little fluff, then adding it, then filling up the fluff chamber the rest of the way. I notice when we did it the other way, we didn’t really end up with much confetti in the pet.

Once the pet is stuffed, your child can pick out a personality (on cardstock paper) to add to him. Then you just use the zipper tool to close it, and voila- you have a lovable little pet!

Wuggle Pets Review- Great Valentine's Day Gift for Kids!


Jake loves his Wuggle pets so much he took them to school the next day…and left them there for a three day weekend. Luckily they were in his little locker when he went back on Tuesday. Now he keeps them at home and has added them to the squadron of stuffed animal guards that he keeps on his bed every night. He’s asking for more, so I’ll most likely get him a few of the others for Valentine’s Day. These make great gifts for both boys and girls, and they’re a great rainy-day activity.

When you’re done, it’s easy to just store the factory back in it’s original box with the extra fluff and personality tags. The factory does have a little chamber that Jake says is for storing excess fluff, but we had quite a bit left over and it didn’t all fit. On the Wuggle Pets blog, I was reading some other great suggestions for fillings, such as dried lavender. I wish I had thought of that! Maybe when I get him some of the other pets we’ll give that a try. You can also check out Wuggle Pets on Facebook or follow them on Twitter to keep up on news, deals, and other suggestions for fun stuff to do with your Wuggle Pets.


Wuggle Pets Review- Great Valentine's Day Gift for Kids!