Centrum's "Nutrition Possible" Takes Guess Work Out of SupplementsHave you ever wandered into the supplements aisle of any given mass-market retailer with little more than a vague idea of what you wanted, only to get frustrated and leave empty-handed? I have. If I’m looking for a specific vitamin or mineral, I’m usually okay, but if I just want something a little more general, like an overall energy booster, I get annoyed when I can’t find exactly what I want in under five minutes. Part of the problem is that the supplements are grouped together in a fashion that is logical only to the marketing genius that set up the shelves. Half the stuff is in alphabetical order, and the other half grouped by some sort of magical system.

This is the aisle from my favorite store where I generally shop for supplements. It’s not the best picture in the world, but I was trying to fit the entire thing in. Granted, it’s a little better organized than their competition, in my opinion, but still not exactly “grab and go” friendly.

Centrum's "Nutrition Possible" Takes Guess Work Out of Supplements


The thing is, I need supplements. I know you’re supposed to eat healthy and get all your nutrition that way, but I can’t stand most vegetables and am ethically opposed to eating mammals, so I’m lacking in quite a few things. With the Centrum’s Nutrition Possible program, it’s easy to figure out exactly which supplements you need. The assessment tool is super easy to use.

  • Visit the site, create an account,  and select your age and gender.
  • Tell the assessment tool which health aspects matter the most to you. I selected “Energy and Metabolism” as my primary, and “Healthy Appearance” as my secondary.
  • Answer a series of easy questions regarding your physical activity, lifestyle, and eating habits. The answers are in icon format, so it’s easy to just click the things that pertain to you.
  • Wait for your assessment to load, then check out the plan suggested for you.

My plan tells me that I need a multivitamin, calcium, Omega-3, fiber, and phytonutrients. Clicking on each nutrient takes me to a list of potential supplements. Once there, I can add the ones I want to my shopping list and print it out to make things easier in the store. If you don’t have time for all that, use the pre-made shopping list with all the nutrients you need already listed.  The plan also details activities and foods I should be doing and using. I particularly like the nap time suggestion!

Completing the plan also gives you access to a high-value, $10 off coupon for Centrum products.

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by One2One Network. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about NutritionPossible.com as a product or its effectiveness.