Fun Stationary for Kids from MintedNow that Jacob has learned to spell on his own (more or less, obviously at 6, he’s not writing Shakespeare), he loves writing notes to his friends. He has two that are his “best friends,” and I swear he’s already worse than a teenage girl when it comes to talking on the phone. As soon as he gets off the phone, he remembers something he needed to tell them, so I encourage him to go write it down. He talks on speaker phone, and that gets really old after a while, so I limit his phone time. Of course, having some cool stationary gives him way more incentive to quietly share his thoughts on the lack of Skylander availability or the newest Bey Blade than just writing on plain paper.

Minted makes some really cute stationary for kids, including the awesome robot cards pictured up there to the left. Jake and I explored the offerings together so he could pick out something that he would use. I tend to go for the cutesy stuff, like fluffy animals, thinking he’s still my little baby and not a rockin’ cool gradeschooler, so it was imperative that he be part of the selection process. He went with the robot because he could customize it with his initial, and because, well, it’s a robot and he’s a six-year-old boy.

We received 25 cards and envelopes, all in a nice little white box that Jacob has since transformed into his new Lego box (specifically for Ninjago weapons). Ordering them was really simple, it took less than five minutes from the moment Jake picked the design to complete the customization and check-out process. The cards are really sturdy, and the paper is thick like fine stationary should be. They hold up to even the fiercest kid-writing session. Jacob can press as hard as he wants without fear of tearing through his stationary. The colors and designs are crisp and vivid. Jacob used his first card to write me an “I Love You” note, which now hangs above my desk. I’m quite honored that he thought of me before he started dashing off memos to his friends!

Minted sells a wide variety of paper goods for kids and children-related functions, including party invitations, mommy calling cards, and  baby shower invitations. For all of you expected a baby soon (the spring and summer is pretty much baby central among my friends), check out the Minted birth announcements for some really unique choices. I was really impressed with the ease of ordering and  the quality of the finished product.


Fun Stationary for Kids from Minted