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I live in Eastern Canada. This region is renowned for its cold weather in the winter:  The snow falls are very important as well as the freezing rain.. Many people stay indoors during these cold days and wait for warmer days. But it can be depressing and frustrating, especially if you have young children who are always looking for ways to spend their energy!

Winter can be fun if you go outside and enjoy some great outdoor activities. Some of these activities require special equipment , but most of them don’t! Some of them can be expensive and some of them not. Each Sunday we try a new activity. The kids love it and us too! These activities keep us in shape! Most important, they help us make our way through the winter.

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities To Try As A Family


Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

We enjoy walking because we can do it in our neighborhood and with little equipment. You need to dress up properly for the cold weather: thick fabric pants, 1 or even 2 pairs of socks, appropriate pair of winter boots, gloves, etc. Make sure to hydrate your skin with an appropriate cream before going out. Walking in the snow is a great exercise and is sometimes challenging!

Outdoor Skating

Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

You can start skating with a used pair of skates. My first pair cost $15. You can skate during the day or at night. Some outdoor rinks play music while you are skating.


Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Skiing can be expensive.  You need a special equipment, ski lessons if you have never skied before and lift tickets. But it is totally worth it! You need to shield your fears from heights to practice this great outdoor activity.



Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

Tobogganing is fun for little one and grownups too! The children can slide alone if they are enough old. Most of the time it is more exciting to slide with someone else


Fun Outdoor Winter Activities

I have never practiced this activity before. I know many teenagers who do it on a regular basis and they love it. You need special shoes, a helmet and of course a great dosage of courage!

Winter can be long and boring if you don’t go outside and have fun! Sometimes all you need the appropriate clothes and a dosage of courage. Have fun

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