I’m Spending Valentines Day at Paradise Stream!I am so excited to share this awesome news! My boyfriend and I get to spend our first Valentine’s Day at Paradise Stream, an all-inclusive couples resort in the Poconos. I’ve driven past Paradise Stream numerous times, but like many places in my area, I’ve never actually been there.  The coolest part? We’re staying in the Champagne Towers by Cleopatra suite, which features a 7-foot tall whirlpool shaped like a champagne glass, a heart-shaped pool, a fireplace, and a sauna all right in our 4-level suite!

Throughout the entire month of February, Paradise Stream and the other resorts in the Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts (including Cove Haven and Pocono Palace) are celebrating The Month of Love. What does that mean for us, aside from an adorable teddy bear that we’ll receive at check-in (which Jake will steal the moment I get home)? Well, here are a few of the features that I’m most looking forward to checking out.

  • Chocolate Fantasy Buffet– Chocolate rocks, but a whole buffet of chocolate? Wow! I figure I can forget my diet for one day, right?
  • Aphrodisiac Tasting– This just sounds fun, although if it involves oysters, I’m probably going to skip those. Oysters freak me out. If, however, it involves more chocolate, preferably covering a strawberry, I’m totally there.
  • The Art of Massage- I am one tense girl these days, and this is one type of art that I really need to experience.
  • Hunt for the Heart- I have no idea what this is, but I’m looking forward to finding out! It sounds like a scavenger hunt, doesn’t it? Those are always exciting. I love how Paradise Streams basically gives you little teasers as what to expect during your stay while leaving the details a bit of a mystery.

In addition to those and more romantic “Month of Love” events, our stay also includes all-you-can-eat breakfast (including breakfast in bed) and dinner, plus tons of activities and live entertainment. I want to try out archery, it’s something I always wanted to do but never really had the chance. With the Key-Around Club, you could even leave your resort and head to one of the others for different activities, but I think there will be more than enough for us to do at Paradise Stream. I can’t wait to share all the details about my stay when I get back. Well, maybe not ALL the details. This is a family-friendly site, after all.

If you are thinking of indulging in a romantic weekend getaway, I suggest checking out Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts’ special deals. Right now, they’re offering a 3day/2 night stay for $599 in their Suite Blowout Sale.



Disclosure- I am receiving a complementary stay at Paradise Stream. My opinions, as always, are my own.