Winter is super rough on my skin, and I make it even rougher by taking frequent hot baths. While scorching hot water is very relaxing, it’s not exactly good for dry skin. During the cold months, I need a steady supply of bath goodies to help keep my skin from shriveling up like a prune, and I love trying to new stuff (hence the cabinet of bubble bath, creams, lotions, and oils under my bathroom sink). This week, I got to try out a few goodies from Kristine’s Shower. I was really drawn in by all the fun colors used in these handcrafted bath products, they’re like little pieces of artwork in your bathroom.

Kristine's Shower Handcrafted Bath and Body Products Review

I received a Shea Butter  bath bomb, Lavender Dreams scent Aloe Vera Body Whip, Girly Girl scent Shea Butter Body Sorbet, and a bar of handcrafted soap (I forgot to look at the scent name before I opened it, but it’s fruity and delightful). Check out the pretty red colors in the Aloe Vera Body Whip above, and the cute confetti-style edge to the soap. Even the packaging is fun!

My absolute favorite of the four is the bath bomb. It’s slightly larger than the standard bomb, and it completely disintegrates in the water, whereas some bath bombs (and salts for that matter) can leave behind a grittiness that settles on the bottom of the tub. I love how it makes the water, and consequently my skin, silky rich and luxurious. It did such an excellent job moisturizing that I didn’t even need to follow up with lotion after my bath.

Both the Aloe Very Whip and the Shea Butter Body Sorbet did a great job of soothing my dry skin after a shower. I especially like the Aloe Vera because it not only makes my skin feel softer, but it feels great on razor-burned legs (I really need a better razor!). I can imagine this would be excellent for the summer months, when I tend to burn even with the strongest sunscreen on the planet.

Both the Girly Girl and Lavender Dreams scents are fantastic, but I was most impressed with the way Kristine’s Shower managed to make the lavender smell less, well, lavender-y. As much as I love the herb and essential oil for its soothing properties, I’ve never really cared for the scent on its own. It’s too peppery in my opinion. But Lavender Dreams managed to keep the best of the scent while masking the parts that I don’t like by accompanying the lavender with vanilla.  Girly Girl is just plain fun, it smells like candy! I would definitely recommend Kristine’s Shower to anyone who loves fun, flirty moisturizers and bath products.

Kristine's Shower Handcrafted Bath and Body Products Review