100 2323 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise StreamMy boyfriend and I had the amazing opportunity to spend two nights and three days, including Valentine’s Day, at Paradise Stream in Paradise Township, PA. It’s only 20 minutes away from my house, but it was like being in a whole different world. We had such an amazing time, I’m just trying to figure out where to begin! I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any!

Checking in and discovering my incredible room

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, every single member of the staff that we encountered made us feel welcome and special. The check-in process was a breeze, and the guest services specialist was seriously one of the most pleasant and cheery people I’ve ever encountered in the hotel industry. Once we were stocked up with our property map, Hot Spot daily itinerary brochure, room keys, and additional info, we made our way to our room.

Before we left for Paradise Stream, I spent a lot of time looking at the pictures of the room. While those pictures are fantastic, I don’t think I was even remotely prepared for just how incredible the Champagne Towers suite was. Even my own pictures don’t do it justice. We walked in to a fire and candle-lit room with rose petals everywhere. On the table surrounding a bucket of champagne, on the stairs leading up to the bedroom area, and all over the bed itself.

100 2296 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

100 2307 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

100 2300 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream


The 7-foot-tall Champagne Tower whirlpool overlooks the living room and is surrounded by twinkling lights. Actually, the lights are on the ceiling above it, but the mirrors make it look like you’re under the starry-night sky. It’s a really cool effect. I tried to capture the overall ambiance in my photos, but it’s way cooler in person.

100 2308 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

As awesome as the champagne whirlpool was, we spent even more time in our very own little heated heart-shaped pool. The water was perfect-warm, but not bathwater warm. Very refreshing. Our bedroom area had a glass wall overlooking the pool room.

100 2302 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream


Touring the Grounds and Checking Out The Activities

Once we got settled in, we took a walk around the property and see what Paradise Stream had to offer. The resort is tucked away from the road in a wooded area. We could easily walk from our suite to the main part of the resort by taking an idyllic foot bridge across the stream.

100 2314 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

100 2316 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

The one thing on the list of potential activities that I wanted to try the most was archery. I’ve never had an opportunity before, but it always seemed like fun. After all, Green Arrow was my favorite Smallville sidekick. We picked up our bow and arrows from the gift shop and headed to the range, where Sal patiently taught me how to hold the bow, line up the arrow, and make it whiz through the air. He took pictures for me so I could show you all just how much I rocked.

100 2325 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

Ready, aim...

100 2326 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

Fire! (Or whatever you say when you shoot an arrow)

Check it out, I actually hit the target! Not on that turn, mind you, or on any of the following 5 turns or so. But on my 6th to 8th try, I actually hit!

100 2327 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

Photographic evidence of just how much I rock!

After that hit, I managed to get the arrow in a target three more times. Okay, so two of those three times, it went into a completely different target than the one I was aiming for, but hey, it counts! Also, had there been any bad guys on the roof, the area behind the targets, or in the snow on the ground, they would have been slayed instantly. Oh, by the way, archery kills your arms the next day! Still, I can’t wait to try it again sometime.

Paradise Stream had tons of other activities while we were there. I had a chance to talk to another guest who told me that the romantic horseback riding session they offered (for a nominal fee) earlier that day was phenomenal. Those who enjoy sports can indulge in fun competitions throughout the day at basketball shooting contests, sky darts, and ladder ball. Of course, they had tons of really great Valentine’s Day activities planned, including a Cookie Decorating contest.

Dinner and a Show

One of our favorite parts of the trip, aside from our spectacular room, were the dinners and nightly entertainment features. The restaurant is open from 6-8pm, so you can just walk in and get your dinner at your leisure. The menu has four or five entrees, plus soup, salad, and of course, dessert. I am a very picky eater, as I’m sure you all know, so I had the stuffed chicken both nights. The first night was my favorite, as it was stuffed with feta cheese and herbs. My boyfriend is more adventurous and took advantage of the “all-you-can-eat” motif. He raved non-stop about the steak dinners both nights and insisted that I tell all of you that it was the best steak he’s ever had. He suggests getting it done medium. I know nothing about steak, so I’ll take his word for it.

You all know how I like my desserts, right? Well, let me tell you, Paradise Stream knows how to do dessert right! The first night, I went with the sundae bar. Our superb server, Katrina, brought me a nice big bowl of soft-serve ice-cream, and I loaded it up with hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream, cookie crunchy bits, and random other stuff that looked good. My eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I didn’t end up finishing the whole thing, but it was awesome. The second night we skipped dessert to save room for the Chocolate Fantasy Buffet. I was looking forward to it the whole trip, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

100 2329 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

Chocolate-covered strawberries galore!

100 2334 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

Fondue station, with pretzels, fruit, and marshmallows

100 2335 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

These little mousse cups were so delicious!


100 2339 My Valentine's Day Vacation At Paradise Stream

One of our plates of goodies. Yes, one, we had several!


I could write a thousand words on the Fantasy Chocolate Buffet alone, but it all comes down to one simple thing- it was absolutely worth the wait!

The nightly entertainment consists of different comedy shows and musical acts. The first night, we checked out the very risque Not So Newlywed Game, which involved three couples chosen from the audience. That one definitely isn’t for those blush easily. It was definitely hilarious, although I am way too shy to ever be able to get up there like that. I have to give major credit to those couples, they handled it perfectly. We stuck around for the first part of the comedic magician’s act, then headed back to the room for non-family-friendly activities that I can’t tell you about.

Bottom Line

We both had an extraordinary time at Paradise Stream and would highly recommend the experience to any couple looking to get away for a few days and enjoy a totally romantic experience. Every single person affiliated with the resort goes above and beyond to ensure that your stay exceeds your expectations. From the small touches- like the rose presented to every woman at dinner on Valentine’s Day- to the grand gestures (the rose petal path in the room, for example), every last detail is carefully planned out to make sure couples have everything they need to enjoy their stay.  I am really grateful for the opportunity to check out everything the resort had to offer and share my experiences with all of you.


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