Saline Soothers Saved My Nose...and My Knee!I signed up to be a Boogie Wipe Ambassador a while back, and recently received an email telling me I was approved. Actually, I’m a Saline Soothers Ambassador, as the company recently came out with what I consider to be the “grown-up” version of their popular Boogie Wipes. They’re essentially the same concept as the Boogie Wipes, but without the fruity scent.

One of the perks of being an ambassador is the huge box filled with goodies that arrived on my doorstep about two weeks ago. It came with full-size products as well as tons of samples to give out. The day after it arrived, everyone in the house came down with a cold. I can’t decide if the universe has a funny sense of humor and thought “hey, you need an excuse to try these out, here you go!” or if it was just being nice by waiting until my box arrived to slap the rhinovirus down on us. In any case, a day later, we definitely had an opportunity to start trying out the Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers. By the way, the picture below isn’t even everything, I couldn’t fit the whole contents of my box into my light box.

Saline Soothers Saved My Nose...and My Knee!

Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers Loot

Jacob used the grape-scented Boogie Wipes and I used both the unscented and the slightly mentholated Saline Soothers. Both of us were impressed with our choice. I have sensitive skin, and most regular tissues make my nose all achy, not to mention very Rudolph-like. I love the menthol wipes because they do their job without being overpowering in scent. I’m a big advocate of inhaling peppermint and menthol for helping headaches, so these are perfect when your cold is accompanied by that awful sinus headache.

Aside from being perfect for their intended purpose, the unscented Saline Soothers are also great for removing makeup. I used them around my eyes, and they took off my water-proof mascara without any issues. I keep a bunch in my purse, and they also came in handy when I scraped my knee (because apparently I’m still a toddler when it comes to walking, and cannot get through a day without injuring myself in some way) and didn’t have anything else on hand to clean it up. Both Boogie Wipes and Saline Soothers come in several different sized packs, so you can keep a big one at home and toss a smaller one in your purse. I highly recommend keeping both on hand during the cold and allergy seasons (which in my house is pretty much year-round).